April 19, 2021

Clara Janés presents «« Kamasutra to sleep a spectrum »

Clara Janés presents «« Kamasutra to sleep a spectrum »

Clara Janés publishes a river book that accommodates many currents. A work that includes art, thought, literature, poetry. A text of abundant edges and edges that was born from the chance of a statement he heard on the radio: «I was inspired by her. It came from a person who recognized that if he was not loved, he could not sleep. I stayed with the affirmation and from it an idea was formed in my head to help him from the Kamasutra ». The writer, who has acknowledged "that I am always falling in love with creation by the word," began to write a set of sonnets about "personal relationships, eroticism and love. It is a book composed of many plots difficult to classify. The illustrations that accompany it are the aesthetic basis on which to conceptualize it ».

«Kamasutra to sleep a specter» (Siruela) is a «collage» work, a crossing of coordinates originated by the influence of philosophy and poetry, one of the traditional channels that has been used to express the feelings of love and the affections, carnal or not, without excluding in this case, of course, mysticism, which is one of the vaulting keys that sustain this new work of the RAE academic. «Santa Teresa and her idea of ​​joy inspired me a lot. Especially an expression that she said: "The joy is so great that you want to die." It's a little what happened to me when writing this work, "he acknowledged.. After a pause, he wanted to add his statements and said: "Eroticism is an element of levitation", referring to mysticism.

Clara Janés confessed that she was surprised to immerse herself in the writing of a book of these characteristics and with a theme so specific and, perhaps, unusual for her age. "At first," he commented during the presentation of the volume, "I was horrified because it seemed surreal to me that at 70 years of age I could write an erotic book, but then I came to the conclusion that eroticism has no age."

With a prologue by Victoria Cirlot, "Kamasutra to Sleep a Specter" (Siruela) opens with a quote from Wittgenstein: "Words are also actions." A true declaration of intentions for a book that is also a reference to many titles of the past, such as the "Song of Songs", the literature of the thirteenth century or, even, the "Apocalypse", because this work, above all, is a Attempt to meditate or search on the issues that it addresses at a time when they have often been frivolized.


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