July 29, 2021

Clara Alvarado takes off Dalí’s mask to put on the nurse’s outfit

In times of pandemic, any reinforcement of health personnel seems little. This is what the actress Clara Alvarado has thought, who has decided to take off Dalí’s mask from “La Casa de Papel” to put on the nurse’s outfit and help those infected by her second profession.

“It is not a time for criticism, or political competition, or putting certain actions on our faces, but to provide useful content to make the situation much more bearable for everyone, and to help where possible so that this crisis will pass as soon as possible and without doing more damage than is being done, “the actress tells Efe.

Alvarado (Cáceres, 1990) was very clear from a young age that she wanted to be an actress, in fact, she began to do theater at school and study music at the Municipal School of her town. Her parents, both from the world of health, encouraged her to have another job option just in case.

And this is how the actress, who achieved international fame with “La Casa de Papel”, went to Madrid to study Nursing: “I loved the career, but also the acting, so I decided to combine both things,” she says. Now, after demonstrating her talent on screen and on stage, the actress has decided to face this global pandemic

“I never thought I would work from this and look. I decided to put on my nursing gown two days ago today. Basically I’m doing this for an ethical and moral issue, I couldn’t stay home with my arms crossed knowing that help was needed and that there are people who he’s having a really bad time, “he confesses.

Despite having studied Nursing, he had never practiced it, so the decision to help in hospitals was not easy. “I was informing myself a lot and making many calls to see where I could lend a hand without hindering much, and in the end I found an annex of the La Paz Hospital dedicated to the care of the elderly,” he explains.

However, Alvarado, as we have been listening and reading in the media, regrets the lack of material necessary to do the job well. “We are with very few masks, there are no glasses, the EPIS we have to think very well when we put them on and when not because there is not for everyone, in short, everything is a little chaotic,” he clarifies.

“This is an experience that is going to mark me a lot. There are many things that impact me, above all, seeing how a person leaves, or that you can no longer do anything else for someone. It is very hard,” he says. in the throat.

But, despite all this, the actress knows how to see clarity in moments when there is a lot of darkness: “The truth is that I have exceptional colleagues. They don’t judge you if you don’t know how to do something, on the contrary, they teach you, help you and They appreciate that you are at the foot of the canyon. I am like one of the team, I have not felt indifferent, “she says.

After his day at the hospital, Alvarado still has a little “strength” to continue his artistic projects, despite the fact that many have stopped.

“My music group and I (Biuti Bambú) are each working from home on the models of our songs. We already had concerts scheduled by different venues, but since they have been canceled we have decided to continue working,” he says.

With his guitar and his voice, Alvarado and his group will compose songs that will soon be uploaded on digital platforms to encourage all those people who are confined to their homes, because “we will be puppeteers, but with great honor,” he says, referring to VOX’s criticism.

By Silvia García Herráez


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