March 1, 2021

Clapso and Mestisay celebrate the life of Csar Manrique with a great musical – La Provincia

The imprint of the artistic-sustainable commitment of César Manrique, the total artist, who breathes in Lanzarote's landscapes and in the memory of the islands, revives in the form of a great musical that reels its trajectory and legacy in a plot of songs, passions, dances and recreations of different episodes of his life. This superproduction driven by Mestisay and Clapso Producciones, referents in the musical and scenic panorama of the Archipelago, respectively, has embarked a team of 70 Canarian actors, actresses, musicians and singers that they represent in the tables of the Pérez Galdós Theater, between September 12 and 22, "the history of a Canary myth".

"And if something needs the Canary Islands are honest, clean myths, not inclined to be changed by any demagogy or populism, because, as a society, we deserve to recognize ourselves in these extraordinary human beings and have served as a beacon and moral example of what should be the construction of our society, "said yesterday Manuel González (Mestisay), creator and scriptwriter of César Manrique, the musical, which is inscribed in the centenary of the birth of the famous creator and emblem of the binomial Art-Nature / Nature-Art.


Under the direction of Israel Reyes (Clapso), this great musical, which began to be forged in the mind of Gonzalez ten years ago, brings together the most consolidated musical and interpretive figures of the Archipelago, but also bets on its emerging promises. "When we called the casting we wanted to look for those new talents that are forming and who have an extraordinary career despite their youth," said Reyes, who revealed that the call registered more than 600 attendees.

Thus, the veteran and new talents of the islands join the shadow of Manrique to thread with songs his battle against urban speculation, his freedom of thought, his New York immersion or his artistic activism on the island of Lanzarote. The decanas voices of the islands, Olga Cerpa and Luis Morera, they are joined on stage by the young soloists Lucía Viera, Víctor Batista and Marieme Abdoulaye, surrounded by a band of eight musicians who perform live under the baton of Germán G. Arias, author of the musical arrangements, together with two choirs of male and female voices directed by Luis García, choir director of the Philharmonic of Gran Canaria. In addition, a body of dancers and dancers rounds out the scenic magic of the musical, under the choreographic signature of Cristina Pérez and set by Carlos Santos.

In the actor section, the actor Mingo Ruano, assiduous of the islander tables, he merges in the skin of César Manrique, with the actor Maykol Hernández in the role of Pepín Ramírez, accomplice and defender of the artist; Víctor Formoso, as devil of Timanfaya; and Saray Castro, Rubén Darío, Nayra Ortega, Borja Texeira and Yurena Bobet in the rest of the cast, who complete Hugo Cruz and Javier Suárez, who play Manrique as a child.

"This is a project of great social and cultural responsibility and throughout the company we are aware of this," said González, in whose regard he highlighted Olga Cerpa that, after years of work, the result is "a solid, seamless proposal". In this sense, the singer has underlined "the level of professionalism that a show that celebrates Cesar's life required".

"In this musical we celebrate not only his ethical testament, which taught us to be aware of the fragility, beauty and uniqueness of our territory, but also its aesthetic component, and this show has that high aesthetic level," adds the soloist, for whom this project is "surely, the most exciting thing I have done in recent years".

For his part, Morera recalled the moment he made contact with Manrique in El Almacén, the iconic avant-garde redoubt located in Arrecife, where the artist came to hug the singer when he sang some malagueñas. "In the depths of that land was emerging a reality that is visible today, which the artist gave shape to Pepín Ramírez and made her understand", evoked Morera. "The feeling I have when seeing the poster is that César is sitting here with us and, for me, singing for César is like going back to El Almacén, where I saw him sing with that energy".

And yet, Mingo Ruano confessed that it is "a gift of destiny and a great responsibility to make present the energy of someone we all consider to be magi and that is the greatest reference we have of the artistic revolution for its creativity, its freedom and its way to see the world. " In addition, he revealed that "Manrique is part of my childhood because I lived half of my life in Lanzarote."

With everything, César Manrique, the musical, sees the light of the hand of Mestisay and Clapso in co-production with the Foundation Auditorium and Theater, the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria -which counted yesterday with the representation of Tilman Kuttenkeuler and Encarna Galván, respectively-, Macanda Producciones and the Foundation César Manrique, in association with other Canarian companies, such as LA PROVINCIA / DLP.

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