January 17, 2021

Clan leader Los Castañas surrenders after appearing in a music video

Clan leader Los Castañas surrenders after appearing in a music video

Francisco Tejón, leader of the clan of Los Castañas and one of the most wanted drug traffickers of the Campo de Gibraltar, who recently appeared in a music video, has today turned himself in to the Police in the Line of La Concepción (Cádiz).

According to sources of the investigation, it has been a "agreed" delivery that took place on the street around six in the morning.

Badger has been transferred to the guardhouse of La Línea de La Concepción.

Isco, as is known, has given weeks after staging a loud provocation, as he appeared in several ostentatious scenes of a video clip of the singer of Cuban origin Class A, based in Malaga, where the piece was shot.

Francisco Tejón, fled since 2016, was the most wanted drug trafficker in the Campo de Gibraltar.

His brother Antonio, with whom he led the clan of Los Castañas, was arrested on June 6 in an operation involving a hundred agents of the National Police and the Tax Agency who located him in a house on La Linea.

The final fall of Los Castañas occurs after the delivery of Abdellah El Haj Sadek, known as Messi of hashish, leader of the other great band in the area.

The Messi of hashish, which is on provisional freedom after paying a bail of 80.00 euros, was delivered after reaching an agreement with the prosecution, which is pending trial.

Without Los Castañas and the Messi of hashish, drug trafficking in the Campo de Gibraltar is without their heads more visible.

Isco, like his brother, fled from Justice at the end of 2016, when a device made up of more than 150 agents allowed the arrest in Cadiz and Morocco of 30 members of the Los Castañas gang.

The leaders of Los Castañas escaped that raid and fled to Morocco.

Antonio Tejón was arrested under an international search and seizure order in a hotel in Tetouan (Morocco) where he was to meet his wife. His extradition to Spain did not occur.

The two brothers returned to Spain and researchers believe that most of the time they have been hiding in the multiple houses they own in the Campo de Gibraltar protected by their particular "army".

That same "army" was the one that in February of last year freed Samuel Crespo, another of the outstanding members of the clan, from the emergency room of the hospital of La Línea to which he had been taken as a detainee, after falling from a speck. in a police pursuit.

Los Castañas began their "career" by stealing the merchandise from tobacco smugglers in La Línea.

Almost two decades ago they made the leap to hashish trafficking from Morocco.

Researchers believe that their gang can be responsible for 80 percent of the drug that enters from the Campo de Gibraltar to Europe.

His life of luxury testifies to the large amount of money they have made with drug trafficking, which has brought him luxury hotels, yachts, private boxes and high-end cars.

Scenes of luxury and sex were what, beyond real life, Isco dared to star in a vieoclip, supposedly shot in a mansion in the province of Malaga, which became the last track on which, until recently hours, he was the most wanted drug dealer in the Campo de Gibraltar. EFE


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