July 30, 2021

Claire Foy: "You can not please everyone. There are so many ways to play a role as actresses "| Culture

Claire Foy: "You can not please everyone. There are so many ways to play a role as actresses "| Culture

The first thing that catches the attention – as in several occasions they have corroborated diverse directors of casting– of Claire Foy (Stockport, 1984) are his eyes. Because they are great, true, but even more they are hypnotic. The second thing is that he thinks what he answers: after hearing the questions, he reflects silently and in the middle of an answer he decides to correct himself. In times of hellish promotions, which actress of the moment – thanks to the series The Crown and to its premieres this year as Disturbed, of Steven Soderbergh, First Man (The first man), of Damien Chazelle, Y Millennium: what does not kill you makes you stronger, by Fede Álvarez- meditate what you are going to say is a pleasant surprise.

And what he says has substance, and quite humor. Foy remembers that he studied Interpretation and Cinema: "The second thing I did because I did not dare to study only Interpretation [en la Universidad John Moores, en Liverpool]. I have been anxious since I was little-I've already learned to live with her- and I was scared the whole career until the last year, when I started acting … because it was the last year. And I discovered that I liked it. "For that reason, until recently I was not able to define myself as an actress." Right, today I'm proud of my profession. "

Question. And seeing his last two years of filming, have you not considered accepting a quieter character?

Answer. Yes [ríe]. Although The Crown I spent a lot of time as Queen Elizabeth II sitting on sofas with her purse in her lap. There he had to transmit the moods of the character. Right now I do not know what my next project will be. Really, I have no idea. But my feelings are that it will be something without rest, full of joy, before returning to the darkness.

P. In Disturbed his character was born from the script and its composition. In The Crown, First Man, A reason to live and this Millennium There are some previous references either from real life or from literature. How do you prefer the characters?

R. [Piensa] The two forms are just as exciting. With Steven [Soderbergh] everything was pure invention and madness … because my character went crazy. Actually, the two ways can grant you equal freedom if they let you build, even if you have to limit yourself to a reality or a novel. Well, what I'm looking for is a reason to do each project, and that's what guided me. I do not want to be another object, but to contribute.

P. Are you aware that you have become one of the first media stars of new ways of consuming audiovisual media? Not only because of its success on Netflix, but also because Soderbergh shot his film with an iPhone.

R. The new times brought to us by the platforms of streaming They are very interesting. For various reasons: your work is seen and confronted all over the world very quickly, it increases the diversity of the papers – and I like that detail – and of course because there is more work. I feel very grateful to the new television, because as an actress you can explore the characters much further than before, you have up to 10 episodes to develop it. And the iPhone fascinated me. The best thing is that with Steve I learned that there are still many things to learn. That technically can change the bases of previous decades and enter new ways. You can not take anything for granted, as you know. And that creates uneasiness, it takes away security, which allows you to build risk, gamble it. You have to be brave.

P. There is also a radical change in how the public knows you, suddenly a platform turns you into a global star.

R. I do not know [arrastra las sílabas en inglés ganando tiempo para la respuesta]. I love the camera, the camera is for me my audience. And of course I want many people to see my works. I grew professionally in the theater, with what you have the viewer in your face. With The Crown, series to which I can never thank enough everything he has done for me, suddenly I entered the living rooms of the houses and not only one hour of broadcast, but 24 hours a day. That's wonderful, but I lost some anonymity. There is something strange about being seen in dozens of countries at the same time. It makes the world look smaller.

P. In her last three films, her characters are active women, even though, as in First Man, appear as "the wife of". What changes in Lisbeth Salander is that her first pure protagonist character. I was looking for?

R. No, because I have not felt in recent times that I have incarnated a secondary woman, if you can qualify like that. I love acting and I also enjoy if with my work I can support a partner who is building a protagonist. The pleasure is the same. I do not like to consider the projects or the characters as if they only revolved around me. Of course, Lisbeth is at the center of the drama and the action.

P. Is it funny or complicated to incarnate Lisbeth? Because it is volcanic, because other characters can be born from the heart or the brain and Salander seems to be built from the gut.

R. Each character has different moods, centers of gravity, react in different ways to things Lisbeth is very complicated … [cesa de hablar, medita]. He has spent a lot of time rebuilding himself, creating himself, redirecting that anger and that fascinates me. Notice where it comes from, how little you care about the things that surround you when they do not serve your purpose. Lisbeth lives in an emotional state of absolute solitude, is at the same time very intelligent … For me it was an honor to be chosen to recreate it … which is not funny at all, but a compliment.

P. You have already eaten, if I may say so, the brown of embodying someone very well known, Queen Elizabeth II, and suffer or see the comparisons. I guess now, in new comparable jobs [es la tercera intérprete que encarna a Salander]everything will matter less.

R. [Carcajada] I never worry much about what people think of my work, in terms of comparison. The challenge in The Crown It was corroborating the trust they had in me because my previous jobs had not been so important. You can not please everyone. There are so many ways to play a role as actresses in the world. And understanding that gave me a lot of freedom in The Crown. That is not going to stop me.

P. How many times during the series, sitting like the queen in sofas as he has described, he did not think: "My daughter, majesty, do something"?

R. Tooooooodo the time. I would have liked to have incarnated it in a musical version. That suddenly, I got up and started singing [tararea en voz muy alta una melodía]. The worst thing you can do in these circumstances is to see yourself from the outside and ask yourself: "But what are you doing? Pretending to be the Queen of England, with her bag and her hairstyle? It's a joke, is not it?" In truth, in those cases you have to be careful not to throw yourself into the comical side of the matter. Anyway, I loved embodying it, I love that character.


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