May 12, 2021

«Claim of Flights», the online lawyer of the affected users of the plane

«Claim of Flights», the online lawyer of the affected users of the plane


The action of catching a flight, after passing through an airport, can be the beginning of an unforgettable trip or a mere formality. However, in recent years, the news about personnel strikes (of airlines, airport security or drivers, among other groups) has proliferated, together with stricter security measures that can make this process a obstacle race. For example, according to Eurocontrol data collected by the management of the European airlines Airlines for Europe (A4E) only due to problems in the control towers, it was necessary to cancel more than 5,000 flights with 800,000 passengers affecteds. In this convulsive panorama, perhaps magnified by its media impact, different online platforms have emerged in defense of the passenger victim. Among them, the Spanish «Flight Claim» (

Founded in the city of Bilbao in 2013, as a specialized part of the platform «Claim for me» has more than 30 lawyers throughout Spain, to handle the processing of thousands of complaints that are generated in our airports due to loss of luggage, delays or cancellations of flights. As pointed out by its general director and founding partner, Adrián San Martín, to claim through them, there is no need to advance money or take risks. «The affected customers fill out, through our website, a form and we ask for the necessary documentation to proceed (for example, flight reservations, boarding passes or invoices for expenses incurred). From that moment, we manage the claim until the end, even by judicial means ", explained San Martín.

Delays are the most common queries among passengers, who come to this type of platform
Delays are the most common queries among passengers, who come to this type of platform – EFE

But, and when will a case be won? San Marín recalled that if they lose -have estimated that they are successful in 98% of the claims- "in no case" the customer is charged and it is "Claim of Flights" who assumes all the risk with regard to expenses and costs against. In case of victory, he has commented also the general director of this platform, If you win extrajudicially «Our fees are 25% plus VAT of the total amount recovered». While, in case the airline does not agree to pay and it comes to trial, their fees are of 35% of the recovered plus VAT.

Asked by the most usual queries, from this platform its technical director Rafael de la Peña, has pointed to thes delays "for a mere statistical issue". In his opinion, the most outstanding thing is that the majority of passengers "do not know that there is an objective compensation to which one can add expenses for damages, for which the claim is greater than it seems at an economic level". For De la Peña, those affected who go to them find in them «An alternative form without risk» to claim.

The rights that assist us

In this regard, from «Flight Claim», explained that delays or cancellations of flights – the most common query – compensation are governed by a European anomaly, Regulation 261/2004 which establishes compensation from 250 to 600 euros for a delay of more than three hours, cancellation or overbooking depending on the distance.

In addition, it is possible to ask the refund of the ticket or If you decide not to travel "because the delay makes all the sense of the trip", or of the new one that you had to buy, says the partner of this platform, Fernando Renedo. In this regard, he added that it is possible to request the return of expenses incurred as well as compensation for moral damages (meals at airports, hotel reservations lost and already paid, etc …).

By loss or breakage of luggage, have added these sources, governs the Montreal Convention that establishes a maximum limit on the environmental liability to 1,414 euros per baggage, unless there is a special declaration of value which would give other types of compensation.


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