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Promotional image of ‘Merlí’

We waited like May water in April the second season of ‘Merlí: sapere aude’. Quality guarantee. From a series whose headline is Handel’s overture to Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, only joys can be expected. And that is what we find in the five chapters that we are going to know very little.

The best we can say about Merlí, summarizing the spirit of its creator Héctor Lozano, is that when we dive into it we know that we are doing it in a civilized territory. We see a civilized Barcelona, ​​civilized characters, a civilized University, even very civilized brawls. It is enough to detail the ingredients of this season and its subplots to corroborate it.

The first character to appear in the prologue is a handsome robbery who directs the artistic restoration works of the University, which is presented in the classes of listener Philosophy. Another subplot will be the College Debate League. With your confrontation. But in its essence, loaded with arguments and words.

The great script twist of this season, and it can already be counted since it is known from the beginning, is the blow that supposes Pol Rubio, great Carlos Cuevas, know that he has HIV. We are not in the eighties but in 2020, but the character will have a hard time accepting it, sharing it and the whole season will address this process. Pure gold.

It is a success that the chapters are issued in installments and the entire season has not been hung. So we can enjoy this evolution step by step. One of the most beautiful moments occurred with Pol’s reunion with his former high school teacher, played by Ferrán Rañé.

Agree that everything is too civilized in ‘Merlí: sapere aude’. It is fiction. I hope reality can imitate it.


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