Civil society organizations called for stopping the advance of political violence and hate speech

Different sectors of civil society came together today to repudiate the assassination attempt against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner on the night of Thursday, September 1. They did so in a statement titled In Defense of Democracy.

“Since the attempted assassination of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the undersigned civil society organizations want to express our strong repudiation of an act that puts democracy at risk. We demand the clarification of what happened and an effective action of Justice. We ask those who represent us to act with the utmost responsibility," says the statement released today, Friday.

"We call on the entire leadership and society as a whole to stop the advance of political violence and hate speech that threaten the peaceful coexistence that we have managed to build during these 40 years of democracy," he concludes.

The signatures that support the document are:

ACDE (Association of Christian Business Leaders

ACIJ (Civil Association for Equality and Justice)

AMIA (Argentine Israelite Mutual Association)

Amnesty International Argentina ANDHES (Human Rights and Social Studies Lawyers of Northwest Argentina) Argentines for Education

ASA (America Solidaria Argentina) Ashoka Southern Cone

Civil Association Animando Vidas Civil Association Casa de Betania in Bahía Blanca

Civil Association Franciscan Pata Pila Civil Association Engineering Without Borders Argentina

INICIA Civil Association, community of entrepreneurs

Civil Association Manos en Acción Civil Association Minkai

Civil Association Monte Adentro Civil Association Women 2000 Civil Association New Cultures of Leadership - Women.jpg

Civil Association Summation for a New Economy

Consciousness Association

ASRA (Association of Sociologists of the Argentine Republic)

CAREF (Argentine Commission for Refugees and Migrants)

Caritas Argentina

CELS (Center for Legal and Social Studies)

CEPPAS (Center for Public Policies for Socialism)

Checked (La Voz Pública Foundation) CIPPEC (Center for the Implementation of Public Policies for Equity and Growth)

Civic House

Confederation of Civil Society Council of Professionals in

Sociology Law 23,553


CREA (Argentine Association of Regional Consortiums of

Agricultural Experimentation)

CREAS (Regional Ecumenical Center for Advice and Service)

Democracy on the Net

DIAGONAL Civil Association

Doncel Civil Association

ELA (Latin American Justice and Gender Team)

ETIS (Work Team and

Social investigation)

FARN (Environment and Natural Resources Foundation)

FADEPOF - Argentine Federation of Rare Diseases FAE (Argentine Federation of Nursing)

FEDEFA (Federation of Argentine Foundations)

FEIM (Foundation for the Study and Research of Women)

FOPEA (Argentine Journalism Forum) Social Sector Forum - Federation Food Bank Foundation Cimientos Foundation

Coexist Foundation

Work Culture Foundation Foundation of Tucumán

Founding in Diversity Foundation Endeavor Argentina Foundation FLOR Foundation

Footprints for a Future Foundation Huerta Niño Foundation

Guest Foundation

Ideas that Transform Foundation IPeC Foundation (Collective Thinking Initiative)

Leon Foundation

Marianist Mission Foundation

Foundation for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Wetlands Plan21 Foundation for Sustainable Human Development

PRONORTE Foundation

Protestant Foundation Hora de Obra Foundation for Social Housing Reciduca Foundation

Red Foundation for Children 21st Century Foundation

Valorarte Foundation

VAMOSAZOOMAR Foundation Varkey Foundation

Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina Fundar (Center for Research and Design of Public Policies)


Fundeps (Foundation for the Development of Sustainable Policies)

FUNDeSUR (Foundation for the development of southern Argentina)

FUSA Civil Association

GROW - gender and work

Group Commitment to

Educational Financing

Northern Group of Entrepreneurs Rosario Habitat for Humanity Argentina Civil Association

IARSE (Argentine Institute of

Social Responsibility and


ILSED (Latin American Institute for Security and Democracy)

Rosario Region Impact

INECIP (Institute of Comparative Studies in Criminal and Social Sciences)

Investigate More. Health and Society Studies (i+)

Junior Achievement Argentina Mayma

MEI (Women in Equality)

Messengers of Peace Argentina Sanitary Module

Oxfam in Argentina

PA (Argentine Journalists)

Citizen Power

EMPOWER: Collective Impact Platform

Educate 2050 Project

RAAC (Argentine Community Advocacy Network)

RACI (Argentine Network for the

International cooperation)


CHACO NETWORKS (Argentina - Bolivia - Paraguay)

RIL (Local Innovation Network)

Scouts of Argentina

System B



Decent Housing

I go with you

Wikimedia Argentina


Xumek - Association for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights.


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