January 18, 2021

Ciudadanos presents its management report with an off-screen narrator and without the slightest hint of self-criticism

The management report of the previous Executive that has presented the new direction of Citizens in the V extraordinary General Assembly, which began this Thursday in an entirely telematic way, tiptoes through the electoral debacle suffered by the party on 10N 2019 when Under the leadership of Albert Rivera, they went from having 57 deputies to only ten, and he does not make any self-criticism or analyze the reasons for this defeat. The party considers the matter settled, recalling at the end that “responsibilities are assumed in the first person both by the president of our party and by the main members of the previous national leadership.”

In the absence of José Manuel Villegas, the previous secretary general of the party who has excused his participation in the conclave, the document, dominated by maps and tables with canned figures in less than ten pages, has been read off by Pablo Sarrión, the Affiliate who lent Rivera his dog Lucas for the promotional videos of the past electoral debate. In it, the last four years of the party’s life are reviewed, highlighting mainly its organizational and affiliation growth. Sarrión was on the lists to Congress for Madrid on the 28th but he failed to get elected.

The report limits itself to highlighting the successes achieved in the previous generals of the 28A, with special mention of the “historic victory” in Catalonia of 2017, in the Andalusians, as well as the entry of Citizens in various autonomous governments after the 2019 elections, like Madrid, Murcia and Castilla y León.

The narrator pauses to extol the role of Inés Arrimadas in the 2017 regional elections: “Ciudadanos achieves a historic electoral victory in Catalonia at a crucial moment for Spanish democracy after the separatist coup.” “The party consolidates itself as an alternative to separatism and manages to be the first political force with 1,100,000 votes that make Inés Arrimadas the first woman to win an election in Catalonia, going from 25 to 36 seats and becoming a benchmark of constitutionalism throughout Spain ”, he concludes.

The story continues highlighting the “unstoppable growth” of Citizens in all areas, but especially the fact of having managed to evict the PSOE from the Andalusian Government “after 40 years of hegemony”, which led to the entry of Citizens in the regional government at the orders of the PP. Likewise, the entry into the regional governments of Murcia, Madrid and Castilla y León and the achievement of having managed to reach the historical figure of 57 deputies in 2019, a fact that is highly emphasized.

Another of the details that draws attention is that the narrator of the report forgets the investiture pact that Ciudadanos closed with Pedro Sánchez in 2016 so that they would try to govern, and takes a leap in time focusing only on the agreement that Rivera later sealed with Mariano Rajoy. “With a group of 32 deputies in Congress, Ciudadanos then offered support to the then government of the Nation to stop the separatist coup in Catalonia,” says the narrator. As he recalls, they even promised to support the PGE “that contained many proposals from Citizens”.

“But the situation changes with the motion of censure with which the PSOE reaches the Government of Spain with the support of separatists and populists. At that time, the PP president prefers not to call elections to give a democratic solution and ends up forming a government made up of parties that for the most part do not believe in the 1978 constitutional framework, ”they affirm.

“In this context, the general elections of April 2019 arrive when Ciudadanos achieves the best results in its history, 57 seats, more than four million votes and is only a few tenths away from being the second political force in Spain,” they continue explaining. . It should also be noted that the party “manages to have its own group in the Senate.”

Nor do they forget the “success” of the party in the European elections in which they manage to go from 2 to 7 MEPs “with a notable influence on the European liberal group,” they highlight.

But upon reaching the two consecutive general elections that took place in 2019, they simply remember that Sánchez “does not accept the offer to ally himself with the PP and Ciudadanos” and that “Ciudadanos continues to present itself as an alternative” with a series of proposed reforms of State to Sánchez who did not accept.

“In view of the results, with 10 deputies it seems clear that this dual proposal, change the government of Sánchez but offering a State solution if necessary, did not know or could not mobilize the voters who trusted us in April. Citizens as a center party was again harmed by a new electoral repetition ”, they limit themselves to assuring as the only reflection.

That said, Albert Rivera resigned immediately after the 10N debacle. “At that time,” the narrator summarizes, “the V extraordinary assembly is called by the president of Ciudadanos and responsibilities are assumed in the first person by both the president of our party and the main members of the previous national leadership.”

“In spite of everything, Ciudadanos convinced 1.6 million Spaniards”, they settle, while highlighting the vocation of being a “center, moderate and liberal” party with which they commit to “continue working for the interests of all Spanish people”.

This afternoon you can listen to a recorded message from Albert Rivera, who was not going to participate in the conclave but later rectified it.

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