October 27, 2020

Ciudadanos now stands in profile before the historical memory after supporting Vox to remove Largo Caballero from the street

Volantazo de Ciudadanos after the withdrawal of the plaque in homage to the socialist Largo Caballero in Madrid. The municipal group that supported Vox’s proposal to eliminate the socialist and Indalecio Prieto from the street will disengage from now on any decision that concerns the historical memory in the city. The vice mayor, Begoña Villacís, has called a press conference, in which she appeared with her ten councilors, to explain this new position. The change of criterion, which denies in the practice of the law of historical memory, comes after the repercussion of the withdrawal of the plaque, celebrated as a triumph by the extreme right.

Largo Caballero no longer has a license plate in Madrid

Largo Caballero no longer has a license plate in Madrid

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“We have more seats than the PSOE and Vox. That will make any initiative that is presented sterile because it will not have our support. I would recommend to the political groups that they refrain from presenting these initiatives,” said number two of the municipal government, that assures that putting itself of profile before the historical memory looks for the “political center”.

The deputy mayor has referred to Vox and the PSOE as “extremist minorities” that impose their “model of Spain on the side” and has declared “fed up with the populisms that are fulfilling their objective of polarizing and waging their own war.” “I don’t want them to ask me which side I’m from,” he added.

However, Ciudadanos has tried to disassociate this decision with recent events – which have raised the opposition and historians – and assures that it does not regret having allowed the elimination of Largo Caballero’s plaque. “We do not regret it. We would have to regret four years of political exercise. We are not going to continue with this game,” justified Villacís, who voted in favor of removing Franco’s traces from the Madrid street in the previous term and now equates that decision with this.

Regarding the procedure followed to remove the relief from the Plaza de Chamberí, both the mayor and the vice mayor shift the responsibility to the District Board. “I hope that the procedures have been done, this is how the councilor president of Chamberí (of the PP) has transferred it to me, said José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who has spoken for the first time on this controversy after 24 hours without explanation of the townhall.

“I am surprised that it is controversial in an agreement of the Plenary of the City Council. Whoever wants to create controversy or take advantage of any situation to try to divide more than to unite is making a mistake,” he defended after the announcement of the opposition parties, Más Madrid and PSOE, to take the withdrawal of the plaque to court. The deputy mayor, for her part, said that “she presumes that the procedure has been followed.”


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