Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

City pays its sins against Tottenham

El City paga sus pecados contra el Tottenham

There are those who say that nowhere is it eaten at home, and who say that nowhere is football played at home. It is the case of Tottenham, that after a long unproductive exile at Wembley finally he has been able inaugurate the new and brand new White Hart Lane, a Champions stadium, jewel of North London. The league match against Crystal Palace was the rehearsal of the wedding. The ceremony itself was held last night, in Europe, before an international audience of millions what he saw him win.

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The match could be determined by an intervention of the VAR with only eleven minutes, to signal a penalty when a shot from Raheem Steerling hit onl Danny's extended arm
Rose without the referee being warned and without the City players barely claiming. But Hugo Lloris, an irregular goalkeeper capable of the best and the worst, stopped the shot

with little force and mischief

from the Kun


Historical goal

The South Korean Son already scored the first official goal in the new stadium and yesterday scored the first in Champions

In the first part the City had possession of the ball and Tottenham the few occasions, playing the counterattack. He gave a warning five minutes later, when Dele Alli topped the first touch with a cross from Sissoko from the right. In the 14 the fans claimed a non-existent penalty of course push to Kane in the dispute of an air balloon, and in the 23 a cucumber of the same forward was repelled by Ederson providentially

Guardiola presented an alignment to a certain strange way, very different from that of the semifinal on Saturday against Brighton, with a double pivot, Delph on the left side and the absences of Bernardo Silva, in excellent shape, and Kevin De Bruyne. His tactics this season, in important matches, is much less risky than in previous years, with more concern to control the game than to score goals. Suicides, for others. The consequence was a first part in which it did not generate occasions, except the kindness of the VAR wasted by Agüero.

Key move

Lloris saved Kun's penalty after VAR saw Rose's hands

Tottenham, whose main objective was not to match goals at home, found a second life. But perhaps for having seen the ears of the wolf, it almost seemed like a goalless draw, especially when ten minutes after then his star was injured Harry Kane
, punished this campaign for bad luck. The offensive actions were sporadic, a poisoned shot of Sterling that saved Lloris, another with a thread of Son that stopped Ederson, and stop counting. The two teams seemed more conservative than Theresa May, that is already saying.

The City continues to aspire to poker (the two Cups in England, plus the league and the Champions), but pragmatism prevails over romance. Neither Goethe nor Schiller have a place in the alignment and strategy of Pep Guardiola. The result is the priority, although soccer shines by its absence, like in the victory by 1-0 on the Brighton Saturday in Wembley, or last night in White Hart Lane. The income statement ahead of any other consideration.


Kane had to limp back with a Delph stomp on his left ankle

Yesterday the City paid dearly for its conservatism, with another decision of the VAR by means. The Korean Is prevented by millimeters that the ball went out the back line to pass Eriksen, faced goal and beat Ederson with a dry shot, from close, which went under his body. The visitors had only ten minutes left to find the spirit of adventure they had renounced.

When you change your house there are always things that do not work. In the case of the spectacular stadium of Tottenham are the accesses, because a stadium is not the same for forty thousand that for sixty thousand people. The going did not matter much, everything was expectation, excitement and enthusiasm. At the exit, while the local fans lined up at the entrance to the collapsed train station or walked the almost half hour to the Seven Sisters subway, the discomforts were irrelevant. There is nothing decided, but the Spurs would have gladly signed the result.

Data sheet:

Tottenham, 1 - Manchester City, 0

1 - Tottenham Hotspur: Lloris; Trippier, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Rose; Sissoko, Winks (Wanyama, m.81), Eriksen; Alli (Llorente, m.87), Son and Kane (Moura, m.57).

0 - Manchester City: Ederson; Delph, Laporte, Otamendi, Walker; D.Silva (De Bruyne, m.89), Fernandinho, Gundogan; Sterling, Agüero (Jesús, m.71) and Mahrez (Sané, m.89).

Goals: 1-0. They are, m. 78

Referee: Bjorn Kuipers (NLD) admonished Rose (min.12) on the part of the locals and Laporte (m.27), Mahrez (m.59) on the part of the visitors.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League played at the White Hart Lane stadium (London).

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