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'City councils without fear', the support of mayors to prisoners of the procés

‘Ayuntamientos sin miedo’, el apoyo de alcaldes a los presos del procés

Republican mayors of the districts of Lleida they have created the movement 'City councils without fear' (Ajuntaments sense por, in Catalan) to support organized and "transversal" from the local world to the independence leaders imprisoned, mayors and citizens investigated or prosecuted "for defending the peaceful way to achieve independence." They support the mobilizations announced by the ANC and Òmnium before the judgment for him 1-O but they also foresee taking legal actions to defend these people and to "internationalize" the judicialization of Catalan politics.

At the moment, the movement that has been presented this Monday in Lleida groups a quarantine of mayors, most of them from Lleida, of ERC and independent, but aspires to add other places in the country and different political formations.

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These mayors claim not to be represented by the response of the municipal entities before the trial of the independence leaders and of the investigations and accusations against municipal electives for having collaborated with the celebration of the 1-O referendum, judicial actions before which "they do not want to remain" impassive. Thus, cases such as those of the mayors of Alcarràs, Celrà, Sabadell or Verges have been exemplified.

"The great bastion of our movement has always been its municipal force" and, therefore, "in full repressive wave and far from pictures of historical days, we need more than ever ", said the mayor of Camarasa, Elisabet Lizaso .

In the presentation of 'Ajuntaments sense por', the mayors who are part have made it clear that "the defense can not be just reactive "but" must be proactive and, above all, active, from civility and pacifism "and, therefore, they have said that they will not be limited" only to support the reprisals ", according to the mayor of the Fuliola (Urgell), Eduard Piera.

The movement joins the mobilizations announced by the ANC and Òmnium Cultural coinciding with the beginning of the trial for 1-O. But it also plans to undertake "legal" actions in defense of the mayors, elected and independentistas investigated and prosecuted, and others for "internationalizing" the "judicialization" of Catalan politics, as Piera has stated. The mayors participating in this movement have made it clear that they do it in a personal capacity and not as a town hall, as well as their support for the actions they can carry out from the group and, for the time being, they have not wanted to move forward.

Elisabet Lizaso explained that the manifesto already has some forty attached mayors, some thirty of which are from Lleida. Although they are all ERC or independent, the will is to add to the movement also mayors of other political formations and throughout the country.

Judgment by 1-O

Appeal for a "proactive" defense from "civility and pacifism" announce legal actions

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