Citroën plans to exceed 100,000 vehicles sold in Spain this year

The Citroën brand expects to surpass the 100,000 vehicles sold in Spain in 2018 and to reach approximately 105,000 units registered this year, according to estimates by the general director of Citroën for Spain and Portugal, Pablo Puey.

In a meeting with the press, Puey explained that they had not reached 100,000 cars since 2010 and this is an "intra-brand milestone" in Spain, which represents its third market worldwide.

Specifically, with data to October, Citroën has sold 88,000 units in Spain, surpassed only by China (100,000) and France (241,300), so the responsible for the brand has emphasized the importance of Spain for Citroën and the "Good time" who lives in the country.

Its market share in Europe is -with October data- of 6.7%, 0.06 points above last year, which is also in third place below France (10.9%) and Portugal (7%).

In fact, the brand expects to close 2018 with a 6.9% share and that it will grow to 7.4% or 7.5% by 2019 in a "reasonably stable market," Puey added.

Of those about 100,000 cars, Citroën plans to sell 19,500 of the C3, 11,500 of the compact C3 Aircross SUV, 10,000 of the C4 Cactus and 20,000 of the Berlingo.

The last three models are manufactured in Spain, where the C3 Aircross, the C4 Cactus, the C-Elysée, the C4 Spacetourer and the Berlingo are produced.

Citroën has sold 40,000 units of the C3 in Spain since its launch in 2016, 75% of them two -one and 74% with Airbumps; and 14,000 of the C3 Aircross (120,000 worldwide), 75% of them in the highest levels of finish.

In Spain they have also registered 8,300 units of the C4 Cactus since March of this year (50,000 globally), 53% with the highest level of finishing.

On the other hand, Puey has explained that the profitability of the dealers this year will be 0.6%, although they consider that it would reach 1% if it does not take into account the dealers with the worst performance, which account for 10% of the 120 centers with those who already count and those who have sent "attention calls".

According to Puey, the brand is doing "important work with the network" and they are concentrating on "dispersion".

The network is also immersed in a process of image renewal that they expect to end next year.

Puey explained that the brand has aimed to launch a major car per year and in 2018 have launched both the new C4 Cactus and the Berlingo, which are marking the "path of growth" of the brand.

In 2019, in addition, Citroën will launch its large C5 Aircross SUV, which will feature a hybrid plug-in version.

"It happens of everything in the world of the automobile" but Citroën will sell this year 100,000 units, has underlined Puey.


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