Citizenship Income is already a reality in the Canary Islands: "An act of justice"

Citizenship Income is already a reality in the Canary Islands: "An act of justice"

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The Ministry of Social Rights complies with the mandate of the Statute of Autonomy and carries out this Law, which replaces the Canary Islands Insertion Benefit and establishes new rights for the citizens of the islands

The Canarian citizenship sees a new right consolidated with the approval of the Citizen Income. The Official Gazette of the Canary Islands has published the definitive approval of this new Law, which replaces the Canary Islands Insertion Benefit, improving it in the amounts and in the range of its coverage. In this way, the Ministry of Social Rights, Equality and Diversity of the Government of the Canary Islands fulfills its commitment to people in vulnerable situations in the archipelago and settles an old debt that was consigned in the Statute of Autonomy.

Noemí Santana, Minister of Social Rights, stresses that the approval of the income is an "act of justice" for the Canary Islands. The law consolidates rights for the island population in a situation of vulnerability and offers greater coverage than any of the preceding benefits. The Citizen Income of the Canary Islands, which finally equates the islands to other territories of the State, was born with an integral vocation. It is not limited to the income of an economic benefit. It also plans to attack the problem from the root. Beyond the fact that the amounts improve and that the requirements are less restrictive in relation to the Canary Islands Insertion Benefit, the Citizen Income has an article that defines a series of complements and compatibilities with other benefits and addresses the creation of itineraries of labor insertion, which will be developed in coordination with the municipal social services.

The Citizen Income of the Canary Islands will cover, in a first phase, the 11,924 families that now collect the PCI

"This law represents a before and after in the reality of social rights in the Canary Islands," says Santana. The counselor highlights that “since the flower pact was in charge of the regional Executive, the social reality of the islands has been its greatest concern. Financing for the area has increased by 45% since 2019, more staff have been provided to be able to manage these resources and, while working on the development of this law, the Canary Islands Benefit has been progressively improved. of Insertion, with different decrees that have been improving it by increasing the amounts and terms for its recipients.

The Citizen Income of the Canary Islands will cover, in a first phase, the 11,924 families that, at the moment, receive the Canary Islands Insertion Benefit - there were 5,500 in 2019-. These families will be automatically incorporated into the management application, without the need to make any movement, of the Citizen Income. In the following months, progress will be made in the incorporation of new beneficiaries and the supplements that are part of this law will be activated.

Prior to its publication in the Official Gazette of the Canary Islands, the Canary Islands citizen income has gone through different stages during its construction. The Social Rights team has worked on a document that has been modified throughout the legislature to make it as complete as possible. The last of these steps was its approval on December 13 in the Parliament of the Canary Islands, with the unanimity of all the political groups represented in the Chamber.

Questions and answers

1. What is Citizen Income? It is an economic benefit, accompanied by professional social support, aimed at those families in a situation of economic and social vulnerability who reside in the Canary Islands.

2. When can the Citizen Income be requested? Once published in BOC on December 29, from March 29 it will be possible to apply. In the first place, families with dependent minors who have not been granted another benefit; in April any family, even if they do not have dependent minors who have not been granted another benefit. And from May any family can request it.

3. How will the Citizen Income be requested? The application process will be through the electronic headquarters, so a digital certificate or PIN code will be necessary. Through the municipal social services, it will be possible to receive guidance in the presentation of the application to those families or people who have difficulties to do so.

4. Should I previously apply for the Minimum Vital Income to apply for Citizen Income? Yes, it is necessary to be an IMV applicant, and it is not a requirement that the application has been resolved in order to be a beneficiary of the Income.

5. I currently receive the Canary Islands Insertion Benefit (PCI), should I apply for Citizen Income? No, all those coexistence units that already receive the Canary Islands Insertion Benefit will automatically pass to the Citizenship Income without the need for any procedure by resolution of the competent body when the law comes into force, on the April 2023 payroll, with the updating of the corresponding amounts.

6. I currently collect the PCI, until the Income comes into force, should I continue submitting renewals, report changes in the social services of my town hall? Until the law goes into effect, PCI will remain in effect. Therefore, it will be necessary to inform the municipal social services of any change in the coexistence unit. Regarding renewals or requests for continuity due to vulnerability, it will not be necessary to present them as of December 29, since continuity is entered into the PCI ex officio. If they were presented prior to said publication of the law, a decision must be made.

7. What is taken into account when approving the Citizen Income? When approving the economic benefit, a series of economic requirements and those of the coexistence unit are taken into account. Regarding economics, in general, not having had income during the previous three months above what would correspond based on the citizen's income unit of coexistence. In addition, as a requirement would be not having properties, excluding the habitual residence, which demonstrates that you have means of livelihood. It is also necessary to have a minimum of 12 months of residence in the Canary Islands, with exceptions.

8. Who are part of the coexistence unit that receives the Citizen Income? The unit of coexistence beneficiary of the rent is formed by the family nucleus constituted by the owner and, where appropriate, those who live with them in the same dwelling or living space. Either by marriage or by any other form of stable relationship similar to conjugal, by civil relationship of consanguinity or affinity, up to the second degree in direct and collateral line, or by adoption, guardianship or foster care. That is, fathers and mothers and their children, grandparents, siblings. Those who share a home and, even if related, are in charge of: minors, people with disabilities equal to or greater than 33%, people in a situation of dependency of degree I, II and III, as well as children can also constitute independent coexistence units. who have already turned 18, and up to 23, if they continue studying; as well as non-related household units residing in the same dwelling. Example: a family of father and mother with two dependent minors, even if they live with their grandparents, would form an independent coexistence unit for Canarian income.

9. Is the Citizen Income compatible with other income? Yes, it is compatible, as long as these other incomes do not exceed what would correspond to Citizen Income. The income of the coexistence unit will be discounted, except for those that are not computable, from what would correspond to receiving the Canary Islands Income, and that difference will be paid. For example: if a cohabitation unit of two adults and two minors received 400 euros as unemployment benefits, those 400 euros would be deducted from the amount corresponding to that family of two adults and two minors, which in 2022 was of 934 euros, that is, there would be a Canary Islands Citizenship Income of 934-400 = 534 euros per month.

10. If I already submitted my PCI application, or I submit it before March 29, and I have not had a resolution, should I submit the Citizen Income application again? It is not necessary to submit a new application, the unresolved PCI applications at the entry into force of the Canary Income on March 29, will become Citizen Income applications, without prejudice to the right to waive. Likewise, those renewals not resolved on the aforementioned date will pass as new Rent requests.

11. I am a beneficiary of the PCI, but at the time the income comes into force I have the benefit suspended because I am working. When the job ends, should I request Citizen Income? There's no need. When the work is finished, the municipal social services will be informed to register if the requirements continue to be met.

12. What are the amounts of the Citizen Income? The law regulates that the amounts for the Canary Islands Income will be those established for the base amounts of the IMV depending on the structure of the coexistence unit. It has already been announced by the Central Government that the amounts of the IMV will be updated to 15%, therefore, in the absence of an official publication from the Ministry of Inclusion, made an estimate of that 15% increase, the amounts would be those of the graph of the right.

In addition, in the event that the amount that was collected up to now by the PCI was more beneficial than that established by the IMV, the former will be established.

For example; in 2022 for the units of coexistence of 1 person, the IMV establishes the amount of 491.63, while the PCI of 513. In this example, for Canary Islands Income the established amount would be 513 euros.

With respect to the requirements of the single-parent cohabitation unit, more specific information will be given to justify this situation, but they would be the same as those established for the IMV; has exclusive custody, victim of gender violence; as well as others that may be indicated.