Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

Citizens will not yield to Vox despite the risk of elections

OR pact to the Andalusian or elections. Citizens play strong in Madrid and Murcia: despite the maneuvers and courtships in the last days of Pablo Casado Y Santiago Abascal to make a clear and public gesture towards Vox, that allows the investment of the two center-right governments, it remains firm in its position not to sign any pact with the ultraconservatives.

The agreements will be two with the PP and in no case and circumstance to three with Vox, whose members would not be integrated into the institutional architecture of executives from Madrid and Murcia. A position that Cs will sustain even with the high risk that those of Abascal, Espinosa and Monasterio decide to vote against the presidential candidates of the PP -Isabel Díaz Ayuso in Madrid, and Fernando López Miras in Murcia-, provoking the repetition of the elections in the two communities next fall.

Among other reasons because the liberals do not allow a government alternative. The party that Rivera leads discards the possibility of exploring an agreement with the socialists in these two communities and maintains the PP, rather than as a priority partner as Cs said at the time, as an exclusive partner. Only in Castilla-La Mancha the oranges have signed a kind of global agreement with the PSOE to facilitate the governance of different municipalities.

Play strong Citizens in Madrid and Murcia for several reasons. One is that is not believed by much voxista staging that they end up forcing elections at a time when the surveys predict their decline, thus arming popular and liberal ammunition accusing them of having "delivered" the two communities to the left.

The European factor influences, after Garicano has guaranteed that they will not agree with Vox

Yesterday Ignacio Aguado, leader of Cs in the Assembly of Madrid, already pointed out the strategy of the next days and weeks when urging Vox to explain to his voters if "his objective is to block the institutions and, even, ally with PSOE and Podemos" .

In Citizens they believe that Vox will give way sooner than later. "They will have no choice but to accept the Andalusian formula, if they do not, they will have to render an account with the electorate," says a liberal leader.

That is to say, that the government pacts in Madrid and Murcia prevail as those already signed by PP and Cs, and that the popular leadership signs on its own with Vox an agreement that does not violate the program of the liberals.

These could even accept to make a gesture of greater complicity with Vox without that signifying their signature on a document. The idea was expressed by the popular Díaz Ayuso this week for the Assembly of Madrid and Ignacio Aguado did not rule it out. Dodge the current blockade with a formula that would happen because in the investiture session the spokespersons of each formation verbalize and assume some commitments and lines of action for the legislature. It would be, then, a kind of oral agreement that would only be recorded in the book of sessions of the Madrid Chamber and that Cs, he understands, would not compromise him in the future governance.

Another reason why the Liberals have cuddled with the Vox issue is in Brussels. Most of its members in the liberal group of the European Parliament, with the exception of the deputies of Emmanuel Macron – who aligned with the theses of Pedro Sánchez have accused and criticized Cs for agreeing with the "far right", endorse the Andalusian formula. But they would not be silent in the face of a type of agreement in which the agreement with Vox could be visualized more clearly. Likewise, a tripartite agreement would aggravate the internal crisis in the orange formation, since Luis Garicano, the leader of the socioliberal sector of Cs, has guaranteed to the European allies that there will be no pacts with Vox.

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