December 1, 2020

Citizens wield the Anti-Transfugism Pact to support the expulsion of Teresa Rodríguez and seven deputies from Adelante Andalucía

The two deputies of Citizens (Cs) with representation on the Board of the Andalusian Parliament –who are the president of said body and of the Chamber, Marta Bosquet, and the deputy Julio Diazwill vote this Wednesday, November 18, in favor of the expulsion of Teresa Rodriguez and seven other deputies from the Adelante Andalucía group.

Fire and Ashes in Adelante Andalucía: from the "caravan of love" to the 'civil war' between IU, Podemos and the Anticapitalistas

Fire and Ashes in Adelante Andalucía: from the “caravan of love” to the ‘civil war’ between IU, Podemos and the Anticapitalistas

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The parliamentarians of Cs will act like this “in application of the agreements reached and signed by the majority of political forces within the framework of the Anti-Transfuguism Pact at the national level, chaired by the Ministry of Territorial Policy,” as announced this Tuesday by the orange party in a release.

This decision is known the day before the Andalusian Parliament Board addresses this possible expulsion of deputies from Adelante, on which, last Wednesday, the Governing Body of the Chamber decided to postpone a decision to give its members time to analyze the report prepared in this regard by the Legal Services.

Said legal report has been prepared after the Chamber Board received a series of documentation that was requested from the Adelante group’s leadership, such as to certify the removal of those eight deputies from Podemos, a formation that has denounced that it is about a case of “transfuguismo” and that, through Adelante’s parliamentary spokesperson, Immaculate Grandson, asked that those eight deputies be expelled from the group.

Initially, the Table agreed on October 28, with the support of PSOE-A, PP-A and Vox, and the abstention of Cs, to admit said request for the expulsion of eight Adelante deputies – who then came to be considered not assigned – although a week later he temporarily suspended that decision by partially upholding the appeal for reconsideration presented by Teresa Rodríguez and the other seven affected parliamentarians.

Comply with “the anti-transfuguism pact”

At this Wednesday’s meeting, the two members of Cs on the Parliament Board will support what they consider “an expulsion that complies with the provisions of the Anti-Transfuguism Pact that precisely the liberal formation managed to promote by resuming it a few months ago, when the Pact had been more than ten years without meeting. ”

Said pact, as highlighted by Cs, establishes that those defectors may not be part of any parliamentary or institutional group. ”

This agreement also establishes that “the defector is any representative who has been expelled or abandoned a formation, and that it is the formation itself that determines, in case of doubt, who is or is not a defector.”

Furthermore, Cs claims that, thanks to its “impulse” to the aforementioned Pact, the political formations “undertook to urge all the institutions, including the regional parliaments, to carry out the legal and regulatory modifications necessary to make the agreement effective.”

The Parliamentary Board has two representatives from PSOE-A, two from PP-A, two from Cs and one from Vox, in addition to the deputy Maribel mora as a representative of the Adelante group, therefore, if the Socialists and Vox maintain their favorable position to said expulsions, this will be effective by also adding the support of Cs, and regardless of the voting sense of the PP-A parliamentarians .


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