Citizens transfer to Carmen Calvo that they will not support the Budgets if the Government agrees "with Bildu, Rufián, Otegi or Torra"

Citizens has put this Thursday, after holding a meeting in Congress of more than two hours with the first vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo, a clear red line so that his party can reach a budget agreement: "We have transferred him to the vice president that with Bildu, with Rufián, with Otegi or with Torra we will not be in those Budgets. Or with Ciudadanos or with the independentistas ", has sentenced the deputy spokesman for Citizens, Edmundo Bal, at the end of the meeting.

Calvo says that the important thing about the budgets are the contents before the pressure of Iglesias to agree with the partners of the investiture

Calvo says that the important thing about the budgets are the contents before the pressure of Iglesias to agree with the partners of the investiture

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Bal has once again asked all parliamentary groups for a "political truce" to work with "unity" in the face of the "exceptionality" of the situation, much more after the strong outbreaks of Covid-19. "A very black and stormy panorama is coming. That is why we have to abandon politicking, reproaches, stop playing 'and you more', rise to the occasion and work together as the Spaniards demand," he said in an appearance in the Lower House. The meeting with Calvo, which Bal has said took place in a "very cordial" atmosphere, was also attended by the group's general secretary, José María Espejo Saavedra.

Although the party has presented this meeting in order to deal with general issues of the "new parliamentary course", the Government's objective is not to lose the good relationship it maintains with Inés Arrimadas' party in case the Republicans turn their backs on them. But Bal has insisted that they will not be in the equation with the groups that led to the inauguration of Pedro Sánchez, especially with Bildu and ERC, although they assume that they will have to sit down with a representative of the United We Can Government, which he believes will give them the opportunity to express their rejection of their economic proposals.

"We are going to stand firm until we see the final photo. I am convinced that the president is going to elect Ciudadanos," Bal reiterated, making it clear that these Budgets must be "focused and moderate, as Europe demands," where they require Spain "an image of solvency" and that, according to Arrimadas, is only guaranteed by Ciudadanos, "not EH Bildu or ERC, who only defend their interests, not those of the Spanish."

Despite this veto imposed on the investiture partners, Bal has acknowledged that "the channels continue to work well" with the Government and will remain open in the future to sit down and talk, although he has urged Sánchez to detail the general lines of the those accounts that, according to Citizens, "cannot be delayed any longer."

Hours before this meeting with Calvo, in an interview with Carlos Herrera on the COPE chain, Arrimadas confirmed his decision at least to sit down with the Government to negotiate public accounts, despite the slights made by the president and leader of the PSOE . As he has said, what he does not want is to give Pedro Sánchez "the option to later say that they have had no choice but to agree with Esquerra because Ciudadanos did not want to."

"It is very difficult for me to sit down with this Government", assured the president of Ciudadanos, "but we do it thinking of the Spanish, the self-employed, the SMEs and the families. It is a hand extended to them, not to Sánchez or to Churches ". "The Government knows that for Spain we are capable of sitting down to negotiate," he insisted, to later assure: "You have to be realistic: this Frankenstein government has a majority to continue in Moncloa and we are not going to give Sánchez excuses," he said. sentenced.

Having said that, he recalled that "in Brussels they are watching us" to see if we comply with their demands. That is why he believes that it is better for those budgets to be "moderate" and to go ahead with the stamp of his party that "transmits an image of solvency" and not with "the Frankenstein way", "with concessions to the separatists".

However, the second vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, assured this Thursday that both ERC and EH Bildu showed him in separate meetings held on Wednesday their "good predisposition" to negotiate the PGE that the coalition Executive prepares. That "clear availability" of both pro-independence parties would allow, according to Iglesias, to rearm the majority of the investiture not only for the public accounts of next year, but for the rest of the legislature and face "social issues, the reconstruction of our country and territorial conflicts."


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