August 7, 2020

Citizens see a "circumstantial alliance" between PSOE and Vox, whom he blames for staying outside the Congressional Roundtable

The spokeswoman for Cs in the Lower House, Inés Arrimadas, has affirmed that "the PSOE has preferred that Vox be at the Congressional Table to Cs and Vox has preferred that we be Can to Cs". "The result: instead of José María Espejo-Saavedra, who fought from the Mesa del Parlament against the coup d'etat" in Catalonia, "will be (Gerardo) Pisarello, the right hand of (Ada) Colau", he has written in a Twitter message.

Subsequently, Espejo-Saavedra has told journalists in Congress that Vox "has shown that, in order to veto Citizens, he prefers that the left have more weight in Parliament." In his opinion, "it seems that there is a circumstantial alliance between the PSOE and Vox" since "it is convenient for both of them to provide feedback."

As noted, the PSOE is interested that a party like Vox, which "seeks to break the system", is "strong in the Mesa and institutions" to "perpetuate in power by agreeing with some and others who want to break the system"; while Vox is interested in facing the PSOE "to polarize."


"None of them suits a central, moderate party that defends the Constitution and seeks state reforms and governance," added the deputy of Cs, who has also noted that Vox has preferred that Pisarello enter the Congress Table , "a member of Podemos and recognized independentista", to which Cs.

Regarding the negotiations on the composition of that body, Espejo-Saavedra has regretted that neither of the two ways that Citizens tried to get a seat prospered: neither a pact with the PP and Vox, nor an agreement with the PP and the PSOE .

Regarding the first option, he said that he is grateful for the proposal made by the PP, but that, when meeting with Vox, they transferred that "in no case would they collaborate" to facilitate the entry of Cs in the Bureau. "And today they have fulfilled their veto," he added.


On the other hand, the deputy 'orange' has said that it is "absolutely false" that his group rejected the offer of the Socialists so that three of the seats of the Table went to the PSOE, three others went to the PP, two to United We can and one for Cs, as PSOE deputy Rafael Simancas has said.

According to Espejo-Saavedra, the "first option" for Citizens was to accept the PP proposal, but when Vox refused to participate, he sought a possible pact with PP and PSOE.

The Socialists then raised the aforementioned cast that guaranteed a seat to Cs, and the PP "had no opposition in accepting it", but "the PSOE, at the last minute," preferred "that Vox was part of the Mesa along with its partners of Podemos ", he has indicated.

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