Citizens save their group in the Senate thanks to an in extremis agreement with Teruel Existe and the Cantabrian regionalists

Ciudadanos has closed this Thursday a parliamentary agreement with Teruel Existe and the Regionalist Party of Cantabria (PRC) to be able to maintain a group in the Senate, which it had lost after the escape of several senators to the Mixed Group and the defeat in the Madrid elections, which it will leave them shortly without the only autonomous parliamentarian they had for that autonomous community, Tomás Marcos.

Citizens would go to the mixed group of the Senate, where the two senators who leave the party will also be

Citizens would go to the mixed group of the Senate, where the two senators who leave the party will also be

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The pact reached has been closed one month after the end of the session, as explained by the party in a statement. "In this way, liberalism will continue to have its own strong voice in the Upper House, at a particularly difficult time for Spain and when the values ​​of freedom, equality, modernity and harmony represented by the Orange Party are most necessary," they affirm.

The party highlights that the agreement, which will take effect on June 16, is closed with "senators of constitutional forces" such as Teruel Existe and the Regionalist Party of Cantabria, "who have registered an application for admission in the Parliamentary Group of Citizens before the Senate Bureau ". Once the petition has been accepted and all the procedures have been carried out, the parliamentary group will be renamed Grupo Democrático Ciudadanos-Teruel Existe-PRC, "maintaining the total independence of the member forces, based on political pluralism, both in initiative and in discourse, criteria and, of course, vote for each of the parties to the agreement ".

"From Ciudadanos we celebrate this understanding that allows the liberal project to maintain all its prominence in Parliament when it is clearly more necessary than ever, and that, in addition, the Chamber abounds in ideological plurality, preventing other constitutionalist sensibilities from being diluted in The Mixed Group Citizens once again marks the path of dialogue and understanding between different people that has done so much good for our country since the Transition and that seems essential in these times of economic and health turbulence, "the statement added.

Ciudadanos had remained in the Senate without a de facto group in mid-March when it did not reach the six seats required by the Upper House to be able to maintain it. First they suffered the dismissal of the senator for Barcelona, ​​Javier Alegre, which was appointed by the Parliament of Catalonia together with Lorena Roldán, the group's spokesperson, who left her seat and went to the PP to compete on the list of the Catalan leader in the regional elections last February. This escape was followed by another more painful one, that of the former Secretary of Organization, Fran Hervías, who had been appointed by the Andalusian Parliament, and who also ended up in the PP. They were later added to the list the senator for Navarra Ruth Goñi and the Valencian Emilio Argüeso, who left the membership of Ciudadanos and they refused to leave the minutes announcing that they were going to the Mixed Group, which will materialize once this session is over.

Until that moment, the senators that Citizens still have in the Senate —Tomás Marcos, María Ponce, Miguel Sánchez and Carlota Santiago— will maintain their own group for at least until June 16, the date on which the Mesa has authorized the agreement with Teruel Existe and the PRC, which also benefit from the agreement closed with those of Arrimadas since until now they were in the Mixed. In that group, in addition to Goñí and Argueso, who enter as independent, remain the Union of the Navarrese People (UPN), the Socialist Association of La Gomera (ASG) and the Aragonese Regionalist Party (PAR).

The loss of the Citizens' parliamentary group would have left the party without a representative on the Board of Spokespersons, with less time to speak in plenary sessions and committees, and also with a notable decrease in the subsidy they receive. The groups receive a subsidy whose amount is fixed according to the number of its components and, in addition, a fixed complement equal to all. The fixed part per month is 15,200 euros per month and an additional 1,900 per senator. In the case of Ciudadanos, with six senators so far, the subsidy reached 32,300 euros per month, about 3,588 euros per senator house.


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