Citizens and Vox present their appeals against pardons before the Supreme Court amid harsh attacks on Pedro Sánchez

Citizens and Vox have presented their appeals to the Supreme Court on Thursday against the pardons of the pro-independence leaders. Inés Arrimadas arrived at the High Court at around 11:30 am, accompanied by the Deputy Secretary General and spokesperson for the Executive Committee, Edmundo Bal, to present the nine contentious-administrative appeals against each of the pardon decrees approved this Tuesday by the Council of Ministers. Ciudadanos considers itself an injured party in this matter because, in its opinion, the pro-independence leaders in the Parliament of Catalonia annulled the functions of their deputies during the processing of the so-called disconnection laws in September 2017.

In statements to journalists, Bal has affirmed that as soon as the independence leaders were released, both the former minister Jordi Turull and the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, "took less than a minute to thank the Government for the pardons, saying that they came out strong to proclaim the Catalan republic and that it would continue in the same line, without asking for forgiveness, without repentance and saying that they will do it again ". For this reason, Bal added, Citizens "it took less than fifteen minutes to present the appeals, once the deadline to do so was opened at midnight."

As he explained, the appeals are put "individually" by Inés Arrimadas, Carlos Carrizosa and José María Espejo-Saavedra because they were witnesses "in the front row" of the events when the independentists started in the Parliament of Catalonia for "illegal procedures" the procedure to call a referendum and declare the independence of the autonomous community.

Ciudadanos asks the Supreme Court to review and annul the pardons, "granted from an arbitrary act from the legal point of view, as well as unworthy from the political point of view, by the Government", and take "precautionary measures" and " Very cautious "so that the independentistas remain in jail until the appeals are resolved. "I hope that the Court agrees with us and these gentlemen return to prison," said the Citizen spokesman.

As both Arrimadas and Bal have explained, the pardons are "an outrage against the rule of law." They have also recalled that "the arbitrariness of the grace measure has also been stated by the Supreme Court itself, sentencing in this case, denying in its mandatory report any reason of equity, justice or public utility for this concession." For the formation "the ruling of the Supreme is clear: sedition would not have been possible without the illegal laws approved in Parliament that the Catalan government used to violate rights". To this they add their opinion that the independentistas pose "a danger to the general interest" if those convicted and now pardoned and released, "reoffend or run away."

Arrimadas, for his part, has once again pointed out that the pardons "are the result of an infamous pact between Sánchez, Otegi and Junqueras to approve budgets and remain in Moncloa." As he has said, "in Spain nobody is put in jail for their ideas, but Sánchez does get people out of jail for their ideas, for being his partners and for being separatists, as he has done today, and that is the most unfortunate thing we are seeing here today. "

As explained by the party, "the next step will be the presentation of the lawsuit, once we have access to the file that the Government provides to the Supreme Court and we know its explanation regarding the arbitrariness that we denounce."

Abascal arrives at the Supreme Court with the Vox staff

Santiago Abascal went to the Supreme Court almost two hours later with the senior staff of his party: the secretary general, Javier Ortega Smith; the parliamentary spokesman, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros; the deputy Macarena Olona; the leader of Vox in Catalonia, Ignacio Garriga, and the national spokesman, Jorge Buxadé, among others, where they also explained the legal measures that their training has promoted against pardons, considering that he is entitled to do so as a person in the case. judged by said Court. On the outskirts of Genova Street, a large group of Vox supporters and militants waited for them with Spanish flags and banners against pardons. The entourage was greeted with applause and phrases of "only Vox remains."

In addition to the pertinent contentious-administrative appeals to pardons, the far-right formation will also file a complaint against each of the members of the Council of Ministers and the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, considering that with the granting of pardons " he has betrayed the Catalans and the Spanish ", and has acted with behavior that they describe as" criminal ".

Abascal has accused the Prime Minister of "giving in" and "kneeling before the coup plotters" and has opted to outlaw "the political parties that question democracy and the existence of the Spanish nation." For all this, the leader of Vox has summoned the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, to promote a motion of no confidence in Congress against the Government, without ruling out taking the initiative again if the conservatives do not take that step.


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