Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Citizens and Union Progress and Democracy sign a collaboration pact

Cs y UPyD firman un pacto de colaboración que sitúa a Cristiano Brown en la lista europea

Citizens Y Union Progress and Democracy (UPyD) have signed an agreement on Thursday electoral collaboration for the general, regional, municipal and European, which includes the incorporation of the leader of the magenta formation, Cristiano Brown, as nNumber 11 on the European list of Cs. Brown, who was elected national spokesperson of UPyD in the third congress of the formation at the beginning of 2017, is a councilor in the City of Las Rozas since 2011.

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This agreement has the objective of grouping the political actors "to give a tool of union and modernization of the country", explained the secretary general of Cs, José Manuel Villegas, in a press conference at the headquarters of Calle Alcalá after meeting with the leader of UPyD.


The party that founded Rosa Díez emphasizes that it is not a fusion or the dissolution of the formation, but a collaboration "between progressives and liberals"

This formation will not be presented to the generals and will support Albert Rivera as a candidate for the presidency of the Government, in addition to negotiating with Cs the lists of the autonomic and municipal ones.

This agreement does not mean in any case, Brown has emphasized, nor a merger of UPyD with Cs nor the dissolution of the party that founded Rosa Díez but it is a step to move society "that there is a new way of doing politics and that you can collaborate between liberals and progressives. "

Both Villegas and Brown have emphasized that the moment in Spain is crucial to join forces and face nationalisms and populisms. "We must strengthen the political center," stressed the magenta leader, recognizing that now was not the best time for UPyD to appear separately.

"Political center"

New approach between Cs and UPyD after the failed alliance four and a half years ago

This agreement, which Villegas hopes to continue narrowing, comes more than four years after Rivera unsuccessfully tried an electoral alliance with UPyD. A failed attempt that led to a crisis spiral of the party, which practically led to its dissolution - Díez himself asked to do so - although it still continues to resist and maintains a hundred mayors in small municipalities.

And precisely on what Díez may think of this pact, Brown has said that he respects "all his work and all the legacy" that he inherited ", assuring that both share in that the socialist government does not benefit Spain or its unity and in that "We must face the populists and those who want to break Spain". "UPyD therefore has all the means and the capacity it has today to reinforce this center message," said its leader, who had been negotiating with Villegas for three months.

Cristiano Brown, spokesman for the municipal group in Las Rozas (Madrid), joins the European list after the UPyD MEP and victim of terrorism Maite Pagazaurtundua has been added as "number two" of the candidacy of Cs.

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