Mon. Mar 30th, 2020

Citizens and PP are left alone when asking for the abolition of Inheritance Tax

Citizens and PP are left alone when asking for the abolition of Inheritance Tax

Citizens and PP have remained alone today in the defense in Congress of the petition to suppress the Inheritance and Donations Tax throughout Spain through a 100% bonus, since the rest of the parties have criticized that they want to remove powers from the Communities Autonomous and eliminate the progressive nature of this tax.

The majority of the Congress has not supported today the proposal of Law that has presented the parliamentary group of Citizens, which has only been well seen by PP and Forum Asturias and that asks to avoid the payment of this tax for inheritances of parents to children and spouses , as for those of grandparents to grandchildren.

The president of Citizens, Albert Rivera, has defended the suppression of this tax assigned to the Autonomous Communities because it is "unfair" and generates inequality among Spaniards since there are 20 different tax regimes and while in an autonomy nothing is paid to inherit, in another, up to 30% of the tax can be paid.

"I want a decentralized but not fragmented Spain, we like to agree with the Spaniards so that they have the same rights", said Rivera while criticizing that the PSOE has ceded to subsidize this tax in Andalusia thanks to Citizens and now does not want to support this initiative.

Rivera has recalled flagrant cases as people who have inherited and can not accept the inheritance because they can not pay the tax and has said that it is also committed to the rural world when farmers are allowed to inherit without having to borrow from a family farm.

However, although it has urged the political parties not to impede the debate and to modify its proposal of Law through amendments, the majority of parliamentary groups has been against because it considers that it wants to remove competences from the autonomies.

In fact, the PNV that usually abstains in tax debates has announced that this time it votes against because Ciudadanos tries to annul the Basque economic concert.

ERC, PDeCAT and Compromís have also positioned themselves in the same line as the "authoritarian" initiative, which violates the financial autonomy and tax authority of the autonomies.

"The problem is that you do not like the CCAA and intend to recentralize in all areas and this is one more excuse," said Deputy of the PDeCAT Ferrán Bel while Ignasi Candela de Compromís stressed that "they try to normalize the privileges saying that it does not matter if you do not pay for an inheritance of 100 floors owned. "

Precisely the PSOE deputy Patricia Blanquer has said that "it is not the same inherit a floor that ten" and criticized that the Citizens initiative wants to abolish the progressive nature of the tax and reduce it in a generalized in all cases.

"It is absolutely intolerable, it is to put an end to a fundamental instrument to fight against inequalities," said Podemos deputy Alberto Montero.

On the contrary, the deputy of the PP Javier Fole has argued his vote in favor because the new leader of the party, Pablo Casado, leads in its decalogue and also the popular government of Madrid was one of the first to reward 100%.

The initiative of Citizens calculates in 1.900 million euros the collection that would cease to perceive the CCAA with the suppression of the tax and Rivera has advocated to replace this amount eliminating duplicities in the Administration.



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