June 14, 2021

Citizens against plagiarism in universities

Citizens against plagiarism in universities

Ciudadanos has presented to the rectors of the six universities in Madrid a proposal with five points to improve the transparency of the academic institutions that allow to recover their prestige because it considers that, after the Cifuentes case, and after knowing other cases, such as that of Minister Carmen Montón, "The university is sick" and "it is necessary to recover its prestige". Thus, it proposes that academic institutions develop or update an ethical code that inspire good practices "To achieve the highest standard of integrity for all members". A) Yes, this code would require "integrity and plagiarism will be considered a reprehensible conduct contrary to integrity". The orange training also proposes that a transparency and integrity council be created, acting under the supervision of the University Ombudsman, who will be able to give an anonymous account of the cases in which there has been a lack of integrity.

It aims to guarantee access to all the final and master's degree projects and wants that, where it does not exist, a virtual file is created, easy to access and consult. Finally, he suggests that public universities in Madrid design a comprehensive anti-plagiarism strategy. This will include awareness campaigns on the severity of the behaviors, implementation of computer systems to detect them and reinforcement of the internal regulations of a disciplinary nature to pursue these behaviors "with the utmost severity".

The spokesman for Citizens in the Assembly of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, said during his appearance at the plenary session held on university, that now awaits the formal response of the rectors to all the proposals that he raised last Monday. "I asked them for courage and that they were able to take the bull by the horns, I asked them to be proactividada and concrete reforms," ​​said Aguado.


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