July 24, 2021

Citizen help leads to identify the man who called for the crime of an elder

Citizen help leads to identify the man who called for the crime of an elder

The National Police has identified, thanks to citizen assistance, the man who made the anonymous call with information regarding the crime of an 81-year-old man who died asphyxiated after being tied up and gagged on February 4, 2017 in Santander.

As reported by the Police through Twitter, the identification has been possible thanks to the clues provided by citizens about the voice of the call that the researchers decided to broadcast on September 26 through the media and social networks to discuss to locate the man who, one day after the murder in Santander, called from a cabin located in Vitoria to the Red Cross of Madrid.

Police sources have told Efe that the man was arrested in Getxo (Bizkaia) by the Ertzaintza last Monday, but not for this case but as alleged perpetrator of a robbery committed two years ago in a house in Etxabarri-Viña (Vitoria).

DNA results have confirmed the presence of this man in the house assaulted, so he was arrested on Monday.

For its part, the police were already behind his trail and he has read the rights in prison while waiting to continue the investigations to determine the degree of involvement in the crime of the elderly.

In the audio broadcast more than two weeks ago – the police issued more than one minute of cuts – the man's voice warned that there were two elderly people who could be injured, indicated how to reach them and said to the interlocutor of the Red Cross that they would have to throw "the door down" because the person who was there could not open.

From the first moment, the investigators believed that this man could be key to clarify the crime perpetrated on February 4, 2017, when an 81-year-old man was murdered after suffering an assault at a local in Santander to which he went every morning to take care of your birds.

After several steps, the agents found that the motive behind the events was robbery and that the target of the alleged perpetrators was money and jewelry that the victim kept in a safe. The old man was bound and gagged, dying of asphyxia after being left in the premises.

The authors went to the home of the elderly man who was in the vicinity. There was the sentimental couple of the deceased who also tied, before getting the jewelry that was inside the safe.

At 09:02 hours the next day, and from a cabin located on Paula Montal street in Vitoria (Álava), a man who did not identify himself called the Madrid Red Cross to report what happened.


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