May 14, 2021

Citizen assemblies to deal with climate urgency | Society

British organization Extinction Rebellion, has released a video on Tuesday through several international media, including EL PAÍS, in which it proposes a new way of doing politics to deal with the climate crisis. The activists who are part of this movement warn of the lack of initiative of politicians in ecological matters and propose the creation of citizen assemblies that allow them to get out of the political blockade and take measures to tackle the effects of climate change. "Since 2005 everything has changed in the United Kingdom. I lost my crops due to lack of rain. I had to say goodbye to my workers and leave that activity. For me climate change means that we are going to starve," says Roger Hallam, who He was a farmer for 20 years. The idea is that the assemblies become a governmental body like the one that allowed the legalization of abortion in Ireland. The documentary that the organization launched this Tuesday is directed by Patrick Chalmers. The soundtrack is composed for the musical group Massive Attack

Extinction Rebellion activists they have starred in various protests throughout this year that paralyzed the British capital for one week. On April 22, more than 1,000 people gathered around Marble Arch and also held a protest inside the Natural History Museum. Police arrested up to a thousand people in various protests, of which more than fifty were accused of acts of vandalism. Protesters came to block such emblematic places as Oxford Circus, Waterloo Bridge or the surroundings of Parliament. They also took their protest to the London Stock Exchange on April 25. A group of six protesters dressed in black suits and red ties adhered with glue to the London Stock Exchange, while another five got on the roof of a train at the Canary Wharf station, the financial area of ​​the British capital.

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