Cirque du Soleil: Come and see Leo Messi | Culture

Cirque du Soleil: Come and see Leo Messi | Culture

Sometimes it seems that Leo Messi It is still trapped in the body of a child. As if a kind of spell erased from his memory his more than 600 goals, his five Golden Balls or the more than 30 titles he has raised with Barça, in addition to some bitter drink, especially when crossing the pond to play with Argentina. "It's good, eh! I love". Messi is surprised how he was surprised when he arrived in Barcelona at the age of 13. Usually reserved, he can not hide his smile when he observes how the last show in which he works is progressing. Cirque du Soleil: Messi10, based on your life. It will be premiered at the Parc del Fòrum de Barcelona on October 10 and will begin a world tour starting in 2020.

If in the 80's Cirque du Soleil reinvented a forgotten circus, in the last decade Messi took over the black and white football records. "We have worked with spectacular artists such as Michael Jackson, The Beatles or James Cameron, but never with a living legend of the sport like Leo", explains Charles F. Joron, executive producer. The partnership between the Argentine and Cirque seems explosive, at least at the level of marketing. In its 34-year history, the Canadian company has sold more than 190 million tickets in 65 different countries; Messi is the player who most billed in 2017 (about 100 million) and the third with the most followers on Instagram (106 million), after Cristiano and Neymar. "Leo has transcended the soccer player. It's something social, that goes beyond what I can do in a field, "says Ernesto Valverde, the Barça coach.

Exceptional at Camp Nou, also for Cirque du Soleil. In general, the shows of the Canadian company premiere in Montreal but Messi10 will open its doors for the first time in Barcelona. At Cirque du Soleil, they remember only two assemblies that did not start in Canada: Sep7th Day-I will not rest (based on the work of Soda Stereo, icon in Argentine rock), in Buenos Aires, and Bazzar (inspired by the colorful and chaotic Indian bazaar), in Delhi. "When they told me I had to do a football project, I thought: 'OK, okay,' says Mukhtar Omar Sharif Mukhtar, director and creator of the show. "Later they told me it was about Messi. Then, I threw myself on my head. My wife thought it was an excuse for me to look at Barça. "

Cirque draws a parallel between its history in the show and that of 10 in football. "We inspire people," presumes Charles F. Joron. "A child with ambition gets into a surreal world and becomes the best. We want to take advantage of all that acrobatics and style. We all know that when Leo touches the ball, magic is born, "says Mukhtar. The assembly on Messi will have a special package: it will not be the traditional white tent but will simulate a sports pavilion. The rectangular stage will be in the middle and will have two side tribunes with a capacity for 3,000 spectators. At the ends, two entries. "As tunnels for changing rooms where the artists will enter," adds the show's director. They will seek the interaction of the public. "Player number 12" was defined by the creator of the show; "We want to unite the electric atmosphere of the stadiums with the privacy of theaters." The music will count on the collaboration of José Manuel Pinto, a Barça exporter, now a music producer and artist from Sony. "There will be songs that Leo likes," he says.

The show will have an aperitif, the Messi10 Challenge, four adjacent tents, in a space of 12,000 square meters, in which the spectators will look, at least virtually, to feel like the 10: they will be able to imitate a Barça goal and live their vibrations in a field. Yesterday spectator, today protagonist, tell those who know him that Messi did not hesitate when they launched the proposal. "It's one of my favorite shows. It seems crazy to me that Cirque de Soleil creates a show based on my life ", explains the 10. Happy as a child, neither goals nor cups, a circus for Messi.


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