Thu. Oct 17th, 2019

Circus and football in a Cirque du Soleil with Messi

Night of premiere world. But real world. And in Barcelona. In the Forum. The global premiere of a proposal that manages to unite two seemingly distant ingredients on stage: on the one hand circus most popular in the world, the one that has managed in the last decades to change the image of an art in decline by that of one capable of dragging masses with its acrobatics and poetry; on the other, a global star of football. He Cirque du Soleil United to Leo Messi as unbeatable elements of a show titled Messi10 That has caused maximum expectation for months. And that last night he solved the mystery with a remarkable success thanks to a debut that was basically a huge explosion of energy to the rhythm of much and thunderous epic music – in the second part, also Latin – and under an impressive lighting that oscillated between the disco and the video game, as when in the second part one of the artists climbed a mast driven by a spectacular robotic arm controlled by young people with a joystick.

THE show of Cirque du Soleil 'Messi10

The Cirque du Soleil show 'Messi10'
(Thorny Peanut)

If the montage had been a movie, it sometimes seemed like the science fiction of Tron , full of phosphorescent lines, and others one of gladiators, because something of the epic of the fight and the combat, of the overcoming, looked for. In fact, the two gigantic rectangular screens that incorporated the spotlights and that occasionally descended to the stage proclaimed messages such as “turn your weakness into your greatest strength,” messages calling for overcoming, moving faster, thinking faster. Like Messi

Among the large audience were Shakira, Jorge Drexler, Luis Suárez or Josep Maria Bartomeu

And of course the assembly of Cirque du Soleil was fast, fast, leaving fewer spaces than other times to poetry, to look carefully at a number, in a bet for an accelerated pace and for the numbers, of course, of group, because for that It's football But, of course, football has its stars, like Messi, whose images were seen again and again on elephant screens. Showing his thousand faces before throwing a penalty, snorting, scoring goal and with the stadium sinking. And that's why last night there were also simply fascinating numbers under the fabulous Fòrum tent that left the audience literally speechless.

It will be difficult to forget the contortionist who starred in the number of the injured, because all the numbers make an allusion or another to the world of football, whether they are the referees – the arbitral clown is not the most shining – sports announcers, costumes, the training, the fans, the exhibitionists or the game in the field. Total, that the contortionist caused the public to stagger with body turns that seemed to be continually going to break. For a moment it seemed that he had the buttocks on his back. True. Brutal. Public madness.

Messi poses with his wife Antonella Roccuzzo on arrival at the world premiere in Barcelona of the Cirque du Soleil show that pays tribute

Messi poses with his wife Antonella Roccuzzo on arrival at the world premiere in Barcelona of the Cirque du Soleil show that pays tribute

It was also caused by the tightrope number, in which the tightrope walker managed to stay in the air upside down on a ladder on the thin metallic thread. There was a lot of soccer movement turned into stylized urban dances and, of course, many numbers evoked stories of Messi, such as those of acrobats who formed human towers, and his usual entrustment to heaven in memory of his grandparents when he scores a goal.

All in an atmosphere full of celebrities among the 3,000 attendees of the giant tent. There were the founder of Cirque du Soleil Guy Laliberté; the current president of the company, Jonathan Tétrault; musicians like Shakira, Carlos Vives, Jorge Drexler, Macaco, Dani Martín, Red May or the former Pinto soccer player. There were also Xavier Sardà, Arturo Valls, Queco Novell, Carlos Latre and the world of FC Barcelona headed by its president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, with its board of directors.
tiva. There was also Luis Suarez.

Barça president Josep Maria Bartomeu and the leadership dome attended the show's premiere

Barça president Josep Maria Bartomeu and the leadership dome attended the show's premiere
(Alejandro García / EFE)

With the audience divided into two large stands facing each other, the show sought to continually inflame the audience, the fans, like a good game, in which there were even initial hymns, although luckily in humorous terms. In the end, the numerous players of the function met in front of the numerous fans to say goodbye, and it was time for the final madness, with Messi entering the stage next to them to applaud them and say goodbye to an audience that, in the background, I had gone to see him.

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