July 30, 2021

Círculo Empresarios Vascos criticizes fiscal rise in time of "slowdown"

Círculo Empresarios Vascos criticizes fiscal rise in time of "slowdown"

The Círculo de Empresarios Vascos has today shown its "concern" about the proposed fiscal increase announced by the Government of Pedro Sánchez with the budget agreement with Podemos, because it considers it "a political decision not in keeping with the context of economic slowdown."

In a statement, this organization, which brings together several of the most prominent businessmen of Euskadi, has opined that the foreseeable increases in corporate taxation and personal taxation "generate a distrust and uncertainty that in no way benefit decisions and investment, saving and consumption ".

Other measures such as "the establishment of a minimum rate of corporate tax – 15% -, a possible tax on financial transactions, taxing the dividends of companies abroad – which were exempt – or a tax on technologies will end to affect the competitiveness of companies, domestic demand and economic growth, "the businessmen have insisted.

The Circle sees "little agreement" this fiscal rise with a moment of "economic slowdown, with the capsize in the flows of international trade, the increase in geostrategic risks and the need to continue the reformist impulse needed by the Spanish economy."


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