Cinema, cinema ... and more cinema, please

The movie theaters - some - after overcoming the general closure suffered years ago, now face the series platforms. They must reinvent themselves to stay alive. They will have to change again

It is another movie. Cinema is no longer what it was. Before, the rooms were a meeting place, with friends, girlfriends or family. That took the crisis ahead. With it closed hundreds, thousands of cinemas across the country and beyond our borders. Television imposed its dictation. And in recent times, the series platforms. Services that little by little have imposed their law and their tastes at the click of a button. Cinemas have had to change prices and services to adapt to the new times. Supply and demand - and bargains - have been imposed. For example, between January and February 2018, differences of up to 100% were observed between the most expensive cinemas and the cheapest in weekend rates, while the difference rises to 150% when compared the most expensive ticket (10 euros) and the cheapest ticket (4 euros) during the week. Madrid (9.74 euros), Barcelona (9.50 euros), Oviedo (8.65 euros), Guadalajara (8.60 euros) and Vitoria-Gasteiz (8.60 euros) repeat almost every year as the five capitals from the most expensive province in Spain to go to the movies during weekends and holidays. On the opposite side, Melilla, has the cheapest cinema ticket in Spain on weekends and holidays, only 5 euros; and the cheapest average prices have been located in Melilla (5 euros), Granada (5.50 euros), Huelva and Almería (6.00 euros) and Logroño (6.27 euros). That in Spain. Outside of our country, prices range from 17.5 euros which cost to go to the cinema in Switzerland or almost 15 in Japan to the most modest 6.6 euros in Portugal or 7.5 in Greece. Fun fact is that the mecca of cinema, the country from which most of the films come, is not among those with more competitive prices. Americans disburse 12.3 euros every time they sit down to watch a new film. The seventh art, as defined by cinema years ago - many -, is about to start a new challenge. The mobile image, that great communication revolution, has become visible on tablets, phones ... and leaves social spaces such as cinemas. Nobody is perfect.

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