Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

Cine + Food celebrates ten years with a tribute to Cuba and Japanese culture – La Provincia

The summer event that unites cinema and good food comes to Santa Catalina Park with the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Film + Food Festival. An event that combines cinephile passion with gastronomy and will dismiss the summer in style with the screening of more than 50 films organized in eight cycles, with homage to Cuba included. On Thursday, August 29, the starting shot will be given with the pre-exclusive exclusive in Spain of The night of the two moonsand will end on Sunday, September 1st. One of the novelties of this year is the incorporation of Japan Fest, a space enabled in the Building Miller which will be the meeting point of traditional Japanese culture, manga and anime.

During the presentation ceremony Encarna Galván, councilor for Finance, Economy, Presidency and Culture of the city council participated, who described this activity as "intense and entrenched" as an event "settled and of interest to the local public." "This is a special occasion because a round number is fulfilled, a whole decade of encounter with the movie theater and gastronomy, "he said," from that intercultural point of view that characterizes and relates so much to the character and identity of our city. "

Next to her, the director of Cinema + Food, Jorge Balbás, commented the celebration as "an intergenerational coexistence where both commercial cinema and other type of cinema are rewarded with stories that have to be told and seen and that, normally, are not usually seen", a where about 70,000 people come, both locals and tourists who walk nearby.

With a budget of around 90,000 euros thanks to the contributions of the public administrations of City Hall, Cabildo of Gran Canaria and Government of the Canary Islands, a screen that exceeds 6 meters wide by 12 high will be added, making it the largest in a project of this nature in the Archipelago. The objective is to improve the technical platforms with the incorporation of sound towers to emulate the surround sound of the special effects and the installation of laser projectors to improve the visualization of outdoor films.

A peculiarity of the cultural event is the multidisciplinary nature that extends through the Santa Catalina Park and joins the Cinesa rooms of the El Muelle Shopping Center and the Elder Museum of Science and Technology. The sessions respond to a varied program that every night will be seasoned with a concert around 7:00 pm for all audiences that will take the audience from the Caribbean sounds of the island of Cuba to a tribute to the Queen band.

Likewise, with the intention of attracting the young public, the Festival organization invited the Dentou Cultural Association for the third edition of the Japan Fest. It will be four days where the culture of the country of the rising sun to know its history and customs from 10 am to 10 pm with two different areas: Japan Zone, which will host the most traditional activities, and the Otaku Zone, It will show the most contemporary culture.

As a special guest will be Cristina Rodríguez, the costume designer and several times nominated for the Goya Awards, who made the cape that actor Dani Rovira wore to give life to one of the most charismatic characters in the Spanish comic: Superlopez. On Saturday 31 at 12.00 the Cinemax space of the Elder Museum will host the master class Tell stories through clothes from the dressmaker.


Cine + Food will premiere in style on Thursday 29 with the exclusive preview of the film The night of the two moons. The pass will be attended by Venezuelan director Miguel Ferrari and the actress María Barranco A film that participated in the Montreal International Festival and tells the visicitudes of a woman whose son does not have his DNA due to an error during fertility techniques. It is a reflection on the rent bellies and the current questioning.

The next day, Friday 30, the outdoor environment will host a tribute to the movie theater Cuban for the 25th anniversary of Strawberry and Chocolate, the story of the deep friendship that arises between two young homosexuals. Its main actors, Vladimir Cruz and Jorge Perugorría, will attend the screening and discuss the social change that has been generated since the premiere of the feature film in 1993.

In turn, during the day on Friday, the chords of I want to break free or Don't stop me now from the acclaimed biographical film Bohemian Rhapsody, about the British band Queen and her singer Freddy Mercury.

Next, adults and children will sing to the rhythm of Mamma Mia !: Again and again, the second part of the famous musical, starring Amanda Seyfried. This has been a commitment to the genre after having brought to the big screen shows like Grease or West side story in previous editions.

On Saturday 31st, the little ones can enjoy the most magical babysitter singing supercalifragilisticoespialidoso with The return of Mary Poppins embodied by actress Emily Blunt. Next, comic book fans will see the fourth and final installment of the Marvel saga, Avengers: Endgame.

Finally, on Sunday, September 1, the public will contemplate the collaboration between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in A star has been born, and for the staunch of the classics, romance Breakfast with diamonds with Audrey Hepburn whispering the verses of Moon river under the watchful eye of his cat. Classics and gastronomy, that's the date.

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