Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

CIMIC, of ​​ACS, increased its profits by 11% to 495 million euros

CIMIC, of ​​ACS, increased its profits by 11% to 495 million euros

The Australian group CIMIC, a subsidiary of the Spanish ACS, announced today that last year increased its net profits by 11% to 781 million Australian dollars (495 million euros).

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In that period, dividends per share increased 16% to 156 cents, while this year the group expects to achieve a net profit of between 790 and 840 million Australian dollars (between 500 and 533 million euros), said CIMIC in a statement.

"Our prospects are bright, backed by infrastructure projects in the public and private sectors, the demand for public-private consortiums, investments in the energy sector and the transition to renewable energies," said Marcelino Fernández Verdes, CEO of CIMIC.

Fernández Verdes highlighted the creation of the company Nexplore, a project of CIMIC, Hochtief and ACS, for digital innovation with centers in Frankfurt and Minneapolis, and this year will also be implemented in Sydney and Madrid.

On April 4, ACS indicated that it was made, through CIMIC and a consortium of companies, with the contract for the construction and maintenance of a subway line in Brisbane (Australia) for 5.400 million Australian dollars (3.400 million euros).

This CIMIC contract is preceded by recent awards in Australia and New Zealand, such as the concession projects of the Waikeria correctional and treatment center (500 million euros) or the regional railway project in Sydney (another 500 million euros).

It also participates in the main infrastructure projects in Sydney, such as the Rozelle interchange (2,500 million), subway works for 900 million and works linked to the railway alliance for the Melbourne subway for 600 million.


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