March 7, 2021

Cifuentes withdraws at the last moment the alleged proof that he defended his Master’s Final Project

The defense of Cristina Cifuentes has renounced the evidence that she provided at the beginning of the trial and with which she tried to prove that she had scheduled to go to defend her Master’s Final Project (TFM) on July 2, 2012, the date on which His alibi was based when the case broke out because it is the day that appeared in the minutes provided at first by the URJC to ensure that the work had been defended on that date.

This was stated by his lawyer, José Antonio Choclán, at the beginning of the session this Friday after the court decided that the parties could fully access the pendrive provided with this evidence. The lawyer has already advanced that, if so, he would renounce it, claiming that this device contained personal data. The lawyer has also renounced the expert evidence and the testimony of Cristina Abad, secretary of Cifuentes both in the Government Delegation and in the Community of Madrid.

The aforementioned pendrive contains a copy of Cifuentes’ agenda during her years as a government delegate in Madrid and as regional president and in which she is supposedly scheduled to go to defend her TFM on July 2, 2012, as explained by the lawyer and Cifuentes herself during the trial in which she faces a request for up to four years in prison for inducing to falsify the minutes of that TFM.

It was the first time since it was revealed that Cifuentes obtained a master’s degree with falsified notes that the affected party provided that document, despite the fact that she has had that agenda since 2018. The teachers who signed the act that would endorse this version acknowledged in court that they forged that document and that no such defense occurred. The former president, for her part, affirmed in her interrogation that she did not actually make a defense as such of that work, but rather exposed the “general lines” to people who did not even know if they were professors of the master’s degree.

The expert report provided by the defense of Cifuentes and already withdrawn was prepared on Friday, January 15, by the expert Luis E. Hellín. It ensures that the appointment was taken from the electronic diary that the accused had when she was a delegate of the Government of the Community of Madrid and later regional president. That information was guarded by the secretary who had the policy at that time and was made available to Cifuentes “in April or May 2018” – according to the expert document – after revealed that it had obtained a irregularly shaped graduate. The appointment was stored in the Outlook application calendar.

The Section 15 court agreed to admit the taking of evidence despite the fact that the URJC’s lawyer objected to it, considering that it distorted Cifuentes’ version. Later, it agreed that the parties have access to the full pendrive and not only to the expert report, as the defense of the former president wanted, who then decided to waive that evidence.


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