Cifuentes insists that he did the master's degree and points to the URJC for providing the falsified record

Cifuentes insists that he did the master's degree and points to the URJC for providing the falsified record

The ex-president of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, insisted that she had nothing to do with the falsification of the minutes of her master's thesis and pointed to the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid as the organ that facilitated the document and to whom it is presupposed. .

In his defense brief, Cifuentes affirms that he never "induced", "ordered," "ordered" or "participated in any way" in the alleged falsification of the record that supposedly had to prove that he had delivered the Final Work of his Master (TFM) when the case of the alleged irregularities of the same erupted on March 21, 2018.

A version that does not agree with the Prosecutor's Office, which asks for 3 years and 3 months for it for false documentary and that accuses her of inducing that falsification knowing that she demonstrated a defense of TFM that "never occurred" and exhibited it. in various media "to avoid the disastrous political consequences that it should face".

But the Madrid president said that who provided the minutes is the Cabinet of the Rector of the URJC "with respect to which there is a presumption -from an academic level- of veracity" and that when she exhibited it, "she did not know that it had been falsified "

In addition, "it made no sense" that the act was false "having carried out all the necessary tests to pass the master's degree".

In his writing, Cifuentes draws a thick line regarding his adviser, María Teresa Feito -also accused-, whom he denies that he joined a friendship relationship or that depended on it hierarchically. According to the former president, "never" maintained contact with her neither on the day the case broke out nor afterwards.

The connection between Cifuentes and Feito (which faces the same jail request) is essential for the Office of the Prosecutor, who maintains that the former contacted her then adviser given her good relationship with the recently deceased director of the Public Law Institute of the URJC , the professor Enrique Álvarez Conde.

At the request of Cifuentes, according to the Office of the Prosecutor, both decided that a report would be drawn up which would be given "appearance of credibility" to accredit in the face of the media that the former president had taken the master's course normally.

An assumption that Cifuentes denies, declaring herself "completely oblivious to any of the facts attributed to her" and that she affirms that she "did not benefit from the falsification" because it is created when the master's degree was finished.


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