Chus Trujillo: “The result is fair and I value it as positive; it's time to continue "

Chus Trujillo, coach of UD Tamaraceite, valued as satisfactory in the tie in the field of Sevilla Atlético, which he dominated in the first period. “We tried to play the game that interested us and impose our rhythm. I think we dominated the first half, with more approaches to the rival area. We were together, retracted and defending with possession of the ball. Those are our hallmarks, we set the pace and had more presence in the Sevilla Atlético area ”, commented the coach.

“In the second half they gave more amplitude and rhythm of ball circulation, with arrivals from outside, and it cost us more because of the veterancy of our players; we lost the ball and suffered a bit, "he added.

At the same time, he assured that the substitutions were good for the team, and concluded: “The penalty is the result of our mistake that gives them the chance to win the game, but what football did not give us the other day with the penalty of Quintero gave it to us this week with Sevilla missing a penalty. The draw is fair because of the work, the personality and the identity that my team showed. I value the result as positive and very good. It is time to continue, we are in the fight ”.


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