Churches in the Holy Land claim access for Christians from Gaza to Jerusalem

The Christian churches in the Holy Land claimed today that "Jerusalem must be open to all," after learning that Israel will not allow many Christians from the Gaza Strip to attend the Easter festivities in the Holy City.

"The Israeli authorities decided not to allow the Christian residents of Gaza to come to Jerusalem to participate in the Easter celebrations," the advisor to Church leaders in the Holy Land, Wadie Abunassar, said in a statement. Two hundred of them.

Abunassar reported that Israel does not give permits to travel to Jerusalem to the Christians of the Palestinian enclave on the grounds that some of them "are offenders" who take advantage of their opportunity to leave Gaza to move to reside "illegally" in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. West Bank

"Regardless of the validity of this statement, we stress that freedom of access to sacred places must be guaranteed to all and without restrictions," added the Christian spokesman, who concluded that "security considerations should not nullify the fundamental freedoms of beings humans".

According to data from the Latin Patriarchate, there are 2,000 Palestinian Christians still living in Gaza, where they have also been affected by the blockade imposed by Israel since 2007, when the Islamist movement Hamas took de facto control of the strip by force. .


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