September 23, 2020

Church says that violence, insecurity, corruption, are the evils of Mexico

The Archdiocese of Mexico said Sunday that violence, insecurity and corruption are the main evils that afflict this country and said that the current Mexican Government has the prevailing obligation and commitment to end these problems.

In addition, he asked Catholics to make the commitment, by 2020, to end corruption.

In the editorial of the weekly From the Faith, which publishes the Archdiocese every Sunday, it was pointed out that the mentioned evils “begin at the base of the social nucleus: the family”.

And although the environment affects the positive or negative development of people “home education, mainly with the testimony of parents, has the greatest weight, and from there we must begin.”

In the text Catholics were required to end “with the acts that, one by one, end up affecting our individuality, and that, added to each other, hurt our families, and that, multiplied by millions, develop a painful disease Social”.

With the title “Let’s finish with corruption,” the editorial said that social participation in collective life can manifest how to love one another, “a practical solution to end corruption.”

“The government has an imperative obligation, and a commitment made to end violence, insecurity and corruption. We will not forget it. But let’s not forget that we have a very large social responsibility to assume,” said the Archdiocese.

The Catholic Church was aware that the end of corruption “depends not only on public policies, but on the justice and honesty of each of the members of families, educational institutions, businesses, religious institutions, and groups of any kind”.

So the objective “is to motivate and promote” the construction of a fair, honest and complete society.

To do this, he said, the neighbor should not be forced to end his corruption or criticize him for his wrongdoing, nor wait for others to change to do the same.

“Let’s end with that damage that depends on our own works, because a healthier and more peaceful society depends on the justice and honesty of each one,” he said.

“Let’s build once and for all a better country, and a better society. We have the best inspiration of all: the Birth of Jesus among us and the birth of a new year that allows us to write a new page,” he concluded.


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