Chronology of Madrid Puro "timo" Reggaeton, the festival that has infuriated Daddy Yankee fans

The Madrid Puro Reggaeton was the chronicle of a death foretold. The festival that paralyzed the Community of Madrid 24 hours before its start has followed a somewhat different path than other major events in the country.

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The important last-minute changes, including dates and venues, the cancellation of the poster and the increase in ticket prices have set the tone for an event that was going to bring together Daddy Yankee, Natti Natasha, Bad Gyal and other banners of the urban genre. . In fact, before the slap on the wrist by the Community of Madrid, the festival had already been denounced by a consumer platform.

The event that was born in 2020 has nothing to do with what the organization had prepared for July 15 and 16. Despite having the advantage of hosting one of the only two Daddy Yankee farewell concerts in Europe, so much back and forth has angered the attendees, who have organized against the event to demand compensation. Some claim to have lost up to 600 euros (300 for tickets and 300 for transport and accommodation, the latter being unrecoverable unless the festival corrects them).

Things are very clear. Now, the organizer of the Puto Reggaeton Festival event has to return the money for the tickets and stop the users for the expenses they have borne to travel to Madrid.

– Rubén Sánchez (@RubenSanchezTW) July 15, 2022

Sources from the Government Delegation in Madrid confirm to that they have not received any communication about the celebration of the festival. They assure that their latest information, coming from the Community of Madrid, denies the request of the Puro Reggaeoton festival "because it is extemporaneous, in addition to posing a risk for both the safety and the mobility of people," according to the City Council.

On Thursday night, given the Community's refusal, the festival took down its website. But on Friday at noon there were still people queuing in full sun because the organization has told them that there is still hope of going ahead with the celebration.

Change of location and complaint

Madrid Puro Reggaeton was supposed to open its doors at 4:15 p.m. on Friday at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium, a location that was announced two days in advance, on Wednesday of this week. Until then it was going to be held in the Caja Mágica, with capacity for 18,000 people. “In the previous venue we had certain limitations that were going to prevent you from enjoying yourself in the best possible way”. The bomb was dropped on social networks before revealing that they were moving to the Atlético de Madrid football stadium. And with this move came surprises.

The Community of Madrid declared that the festival's security plan was failing. On Friday morning, the regional government issued a statement in which they accused the organization of delivering it after the deadline (three days before the event, when the minimum is 30) and that it had numerous errors. For example, the fire service has not received the necessary documentation and the mobility plan was not adapted to the Wanda, but they delivered the one for the Caja Mágica. Neither did they ask for exemption from noise limits nor did they meet with those responsible for the Community.

Madrid Puro Reggaeton, for its part, assures that it had already paid the celebration fee to the Community of Madrid, corresponding to about 30,000 or 40,000 euros. The festival promised to correct the security flaws before the opening of the venue and its spokesperson assures that it was the local and regional administrations who proposed to them in June that they move to the Wanda. The Community of Madrid denies the latter, as confirmed to On the other hand, although they had been preparing the festival at the Wanda Metropolitano (with local competition) for a month, the attendees were informed of the change on July 12.

The organization had been preparing the festival at the Wanda for a month, but the attendees were informed two days before

The organizing company With music elsewhere 2020 AIE, boasts of being one of the largest music promoters in our country and of celebrating every year "half a hundred successful concerts, tours and massive events attended by more than 300,000 people ”. Although it was established in 2020, as its name suggests, behind it are two well-known brothers from Cádiz with 30 years of experience in events, such as the organizers of the Ricky Martin or Estopa tours. "We have a clean history of security-related incidents," they say in a statement sent to the press. However, its communication and prevention deficiencies are not new.

On Wednesday the first unknown was revealed: the Caja Mágica was of no use to them because they had sold 35,000 tickets thanks to the claim of Daddy Yankee's final tour. But in this new location, only about 4,000 people were going to enjoy the concerts in the area of ​​the field or the track in front of the stage. They were those who had bought the "gold" or "platinum" pass, for 110 and 140 euros respectively. The rest would be in the stands. The festival intended to distribute those 30,000 people without any pre-established order in the amphitheater and for ten consecutive hours of concerts.

“You will be in the stands, but standing, with shade and large areas to move freely,” he responded to users on social networks – private, since comments were blocked on public ones. Nor had they designed a new plan that reflected the restaurant areas, bars, bathrooms or emergency exits. The Municipal Police, the City Council, and the Community of Madrid found these reasons sufficient to paralyze the event, sources from the latter confirmed to During all this time the organization did not issue any justification to the attendees.

The only thing that Madrid Puro Reggaeton reported was that they would not allow food or drink to be introduced, not even a bottle of water, which cost them a complaint filed on Thursday by the consumer organization Facua. "It is an abusive clause that we have denounced before the Community of Madrid, the Consumer Office of Madrid and Andalusia, since the organizing company has its headquarters in Granada," said its president, Rubén Sánchez.

However, the consumer crisis has left the issue of water and food behind and has taken a greater turn with the cancellation. In addition to the full reimbursement of the money from the tickets, those affected have the right to claim damages, "which in this case would be the payment of transport tickets and hotel accommodation whose money they will not recover or for which they can only recover a part", informs Facua.

Last minute poster readjustments

Madrid Puro Reggaeton began its journey at the beginning of 2020, when it announced that it would debut on June 26, 2020 at the Ifema venue with a lineup full of Latin music figures, including Bad Bunny. The first tickets went on sale then for a price of between 27.5 euros and 35.

With the pandemic, the festival was canceled and he promised to raise a new date for when the restrictions were lifted. That readjustment fell on June 25 and 26, 2021, with an extra day, a totally new poster, in another venue [la Caja Mágica], and for a much higher price. Tickets then began to hover around 80 euros.

In April of this year, suddenly, the festival announced that it was changing its dates again without giving any further explanation. It was going to take place from July 15 to 16. Later they confirm that they did it to host Daddy Yankee's last concert in the capital, that he announced his definitive withdrawal last March. The rest of the cartel disappeared and gradually confirmed old and new presences. Even then, the festival faced an avalanche of criticism on social networks.

Madrid Puro Reggaeton has no name. TWO DAYS before the festival they change the location and we still don't know the schedule or how it will be organized... A shame
Oh, and they also disable comments on Instagram. Bravo

— ray (@meriwwow) July 13, 2022

I had never seen a festival with such a terrible organization as the Madrid Puro Reggaetón Festival. I swear. Two days before the festival they change the venue (from the magical box to the wanda), there is no confirmed schedule, no map, not a damn thing. If not for going to see @daddy_yankee

— ye good old fran 🍻 (@Franciscoway) July 13, 2022

Taking advantage of the new star signing, the festival launched more VIP tickets. In fact, they put on sale private rooms with their own bathroom and a place to sit for a price of up to 8,000 euros. They also announced with great fanfare the installation of a Ferris wheel to compete with the aesthetics of Mad Cool. All that had disappeared from the map of the Wanda Metropolitano in recent days. In response, several groups of attendees organized themselves against what they describe as the "Madrid Puro Timo Festival", even writing a statement with all the inconveniences.

Well, like those of @MadridReggaeton they have laughed in our face, we have prepared a document detailing all the changes of the general conditions that they sold us and THEY ARE NOT COMPLYING#madridpurotimofestival (1)

– Andrea Pérez (@Nelann37) July 14, 2022

They have created a campaign on to request compensation for the successive changes of dates, location and conditions of the tickets and threaten to appear on Friday with letters of claim to impose a joint lawsuit. They also denounce that the festival has made artists, such as Ptazeta, Jhay Cortez or el Jincho, disappear from the poster, without giving further explanations to consumers.

For this reason, they have also opened an Instagram profile –MadridReggaetonEnfurecido– to legally advise those who request the return of the tickets or want to put a claim sheet.

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