Chronicle of the quarantine by the coronavirus | Day 8: "Courage, Wuhan!" | Society

“7. If you start with any symptoms, please put on a mask, go to your room and press the call button to notify the nursing staff. ”

Despite the provisions of the code of conduct, symptoms have not been, nor are there, nor - in the light of negative results this week- there will be; for tranquility of public opinion, sanitary and internal workers. However the coronavirus which has not made a presence here continues to make progress in China. 82 new deaths raise the total count in the country to 724, so it will soon become a more lethal epidemic than the SARS, which left 744 victims worldwide between 2002 and 2003. The optimistic reading focuses on the number of people responding at an increasingly rapid pace, and already triples that of the deceased.

Many of the 21 Spaniards repatriated from Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, they have family and friends there. Despite the distance, they continue with concern the evolution of the situation from their quarantine on the 17th floor of the Gómez Ulla military hospital. Nine of them work as members of the coaching staff of the local football club Wuhan Shangwen. His employer, Nama Sports, has sent them some shirts in which you can read the cry of encouragement that has been heard for weeks in the streets of the closed city: “Wuhan jiayou!"," Wuhan cheer up! "

With them on, all Spanish evacuees have taken a photo, with which to express our support for those dealing with the virus on the ground. “We want the dear people we have left there to know that we remember them,” explains Pedro Morilla, sports director of the team. In his case, it refers to the rest of the Wuhan Shangwen staff and almost 700 players between 8 and 18 years old with their respective families. “Our intention is to transmit strength and encouragement in this very complicated situation. Although we are here, we continue with our hearts and souls in our club, in our people and throughout the city. ”


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