Chronicle of the quarantine by the coronavirus | Day 10: The fault lies with Bill Murray | Society

A thermometer in the armpit and the breakfast cart in the hall. In the 17th floor of the Gómez Ulla military hospital Each day starts the same as the previous one. You wash your face and look in the mirror, wondering if the answer to one of the first questions of human thought - who am I? - will be “someone interpreted by Bill murray" In the washbasin, the finding resonates with the rotundness of a new wedge philosophical creed. Maybe he writes these lines. I, just in case, I am not responsible for what is poured into them. From there the day progresses as if someone had arranged rails in time: with a rattle slightly different from each section but always forward. Until this morning, unexpectedly, we have seen the light at the end of the tunnel, much closer than expected. Little has been left for us to jump out of fright. "You go out Thursday."

To put some sanity, let's talk about the skin. The impact of the coronavirus is not only paid in lives but also, despite the ignominy of placing both goods in the same sentence, in yuan. The consultant Capital Economics announced in a recent report that cut its growth forecasts for the Chinese economy in the first quarter of the year from 5 to 3%. This data represents half of that obtained in the last of 2019, which was already the lowest in almost three decades. Although it is expected that throughout the year it will rebound, it would be the poorest result in annual terms - China did not start publishing the quarterly variation until 1992 - since 1976. In that Annus horribilis Mao Zedong and his prime minister Zhou Enlai died - whose death sparked a wave of protests in Tiananmen - and the Tangshan earthquake took place, which it cost the lives of at least 250,000 people.

I close the economic parenthesis and draw a dividing line here, taking advantage of the personal nature of this newspaper. I did not invent the genre: if you have complaints, send them to Andrés Trapiello, or better, Bill Murray. There are mornings in which one, as I told you, the American actor is suspected, although in reality I I would rather be David Gistau. I am sure that this way I got much more inspired, accurate, and at the same time scholars and occurrences texts; Bright, in short. I've been thinking all day, almost apprehensively, what he would have written if he had seen himself here. But given the marble, better pedestal than slab. “I am able to recognize the talent of others and not to envy it; not wanting it for me but enjoying it, ”he left saying the. Therefore, from this humble skirt printed on newsprint, I do not cry to the person, whom I did not know -to others corresponds that pain- But to the journalist, whom I read a lot. For him today keyboards, if they had a heart, would grieve. Meanwhile, outside and here inside, the world keeps on spinning even if it doesn't seem like it sometimes. Perhaps that is the only consolation.


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