November 30, 2020

Chrome will increase the security of the pages that are opened in new windows

A Chrome browser window.

A Chrome browser window.

The Navigator Chrome from Google will add in version 88 a new feature to increase security when users select a link from a web page that opens a URL in a new tab or window.

Web page authors can insert a link into an HTML page and allow the browser to open the link in a new tab by including the ‘target = “_ blanck”‘ attribute, but this attribute has a security problem.

The newly opened pages they can use JavaScript to redirect users to a different url, which represents a serious threat, since it could be a page of ‘phishing‘- that impersonates the identity of another original – or that automatically downloads malicious files.

In this sense, Google will add a new security measure in Chrome with the HTML link attribute ‘rel = “noopener”‘, which prevents the new tabs from using JavaScript to redirect to a different URL.

This new feature is currently available in Chrome Canary and expected to launch early next year with Chrome version 88, as reported by the Bleeping Computer portal.

Apple made a 2018 change to its Safari browser that automatically applied the ‘noopener’ attribute on HTML links that used ‘target = “_ blanck”‘, and last week, Micrososft Edge developer Eric Lawrence implemented the same feature in Chromium .


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