May 16, 2021

Christmas The magic of a whale walks around Bilbao

Christmas The magic of a whale walks around Bilbao

A whale has arrived in the city of Bilbao with only one objective: to fill fantasy to the last corner. With twelve meters of length, four of height and 50,000 meters of garlands and curtains of led lights, illuminates the city and full of magic its streets during these dates.

A whole challenge for a Christmas story, which arose without looking for it and what better than this animal to star in it. For being very symbolic for the people of Bilbao, for his famous Parade of the Whale, and also for being the biggest in the world, which made him the best to represent them. The huge creature comes to bring a message, but not only to its inhabitants, but to all those who drop by. Its designer, José Luís Revuelta Ibáñez, has it clear, "it was not just an exercise in design, it had to have content".

The whale is a simple messenger that comes from the sea to remind everyone that the river is the hallmark of the city. It was on its shores that the first settlements originated, on which the town was officially founded in 1300. And it was she, with its tides, that allowed throughout history to give first the trade and then the shipyards and industry. This whale made of iron, connects with the ironworks and the steel tradition of its waters, in which currently oxygenated, life re-opens its path through them, filling with fauna and being increasingly cleaner. A regenerated space, healthier, in which people enjoy and which would not be unusual for an animal of these characteristics to emerge.

This sculpture of light is located in the Arenal, in front of the Town Hall, on a pedestal of navy blue light. The Christmas scenery is completed with a golden forest that leads to a path of decorated ancient trees, which connect with the consistory, whose facade is illuminated blue, by the emblematic "blue Bilbao" and the blue of the waters. This is followed by a golden waterfall and different projections of maping, related to Christmas and its main characters: stars, pines, snowflakes … and how could it be, the olentzero.

Undoubtedly the Christmas protagonist is light, very characteristic indeed. "It is not a warm white or Christmas light as we are used to seeing. This is an exquisite light, purely golden, "says the designer at Something so essential for everyone, becomes an idea of ​​interaction and exaltation for this city. Thanks to her people come, go, walk, take photos … in short, and could not have described it better "people are happy to soak in this golden light."

It is the magic of Christmas, which without having sought it, arrived and stayed on the streets of Bilbao.


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