Christmas returns to the house of 'Little Women' | TV

Christmas returns to the house of 'Little Women' | TV

With a "no gifts, Christmas will not be the same", said in a grumbling tone, begins Little women. The novel by Louisa May Alcott, who just turned 150, will be the Christmas Story of the BE chain of 2018. Meg, Jo (who grumbles at the beginning of the story), Beth and Amy, the March sisters, will have the voices of the actresses Elisa Chía, Maggie Civantos, Eva Soriano and Macarena García respectively. The story, which has been adapted by the writer María Dueñas, features Mona Leon Siminiani as director. Little Women will be broadcast on Christmas Day at 12.00, will have a replacement on January 4 in the program Window, will be available on the station's website and can be downloaded at podcast.

"We have made a very faithful adaptation, without any alteration or updating," says María Dueñas in a telephone conversation. The writer of The time between seams has faced the challenge of adapting a book to a sound fiction for the first time. "The biggest challenge is the effort of synthesis that must be done, it is necessary to transfer eight hundred and fifty pages, in which several years of life of many characters take place. , at an hour and twenty minutes of radio program, "he explains. The writer dedicated two weeks to the adaptation. He says he took it as a literary practice. "I had to do an exercise of concentration, of pruning, of abstracting to the maximum and leaving almost the pure bone, I have been fortunate since the SER have given me a fantastic hand, with Mona León guiding me," he adds.

"If you start looking for authors in Spain with this thing as endearing that you have Little Women, María is the one who has best drunk this, "says Leon about the signing of the writer, the director explains that, although they have not chosen the work as a feminist gesture, but because of its Christmas theme, she did want all women to be women. important positions of the adaptation, from Dueñas to the narrator of the story, Belén Rueda. "Analyzing what is inside [de la obra], after 150 years of travel, and in this emblematic year for women, having four girls protagonists, each with their vital aspirations and each following a different path, you realize how many things have changed, which have been many, and how many things still remain, "says Dueñas.

And among those four sisters who live in New England in the sixties of the nineteenth century and await their father's return from the Civil War, both Dueñas and León highlight Jo. In the cinema was Katharine Hepburn and Winona Ryder. On the radio it will be Maggie Civantos, the protagonist of Vis a vis. "Rereading the novel, that character has seduced me again, I think that all the readers and many writers have always had as a reference a bit mythical but at the same time very endearing, more sentimental, with that sense of independence, with that swim countercurrent, with not wanting to submit to the canons and norms of the time, which were based on women looking for a good husband, the best possible match and create a happy home, "says Dueñas. "Women of all kinds, from Margaret Atwood[authorof[autoradeThe story of the maid]Hillary Clinton, they have it as a point of reference, as a great literary character that has made them have an icon, "the writer concludes." Rediscovering the character of Jo is what I liked the most, but also the portrait of a society, of this nineteenth-century New England life, this whole life a bit provincial, but also the starting point of what will become the contemporary US and all of American society, with its values ​​and identity symbols ".

The distribution of Little Women it is completed by Martiño Rivas (Laurie), Adriana Ozores (Marmee), Pepe Viyuela (Professor Bhaer), Primitivo Rojas (Laurence), Luis Callejo (John Brooke), Paca González (Aunt March), Roberto Cuadrado (Dashwood) and José Ángel Fuentes (the father).

Dueñas has experience in adapting his own works to series. His novels have been made The time between seams Y Temperance (who prepares Antena 3) and have her groped for her latest job, The daughters of the captain. "He has suitors, but I prefer that he first have his journey as a novel."

The great criminal case of Mexico

Mona León is also responsible for the podcast Black and criminal, whose new season will be back in early 2019, and the adaptation in four episodes (already available in Podium Podcast) A criminal novel, Jorge Volpi's book (Alfagura Award 2018) about a notorious case of an alleged kidnapping in Mexico in 2005. "It is a mammoth project, in which what we have done is to investigate the case and on the other adapt the book with our research of the case, "says Leon, who signs the script with Daniel Marín. "All countries have their big criminal case. In the USA it would be the murder of JFK, in the United Kingdom, Jack the ripper, in Spain probably Alcasser, and this would be the Mexican. It is a very complex case that reveals a reality of a country at a certain moment, police brutality, lies, in the end you do not know who is lying and who is not. It ends up being a somewhat variegated mosaic about how power works, "says León.


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