August 7, 2020

Christmas Lottery: The 'app' that provides legal proof that you have shared tenths of the lottery | Technology

This Saturday the Christmas lottery and, like every year, many have decided to look for luck with family, friends or colleagues. There are different possible precautions to avoid misunderstandings in the event that a shared 10th is graceful, such as having signed photocopies or copies of WhatsApp conversations that include all the data of the people involved and the image of the tenth. However, obtaining legally valid evidence is not always immediate and convenient. To offer a more effective solution, a start-up Alicante has developed an application that allows to certify before a notary if two or more people have shared a lottery.

The platform, called Eleventh and available both for mobile devices with iOS or Android and for web, identifies each participant with a facial recognition technology and analyzes in detail the scanned image of a ticket to check its validity. The crossing of these data allows to generate a document physically signed by a notary, with legal value in the event that you have to claim the collection of a prize to be distributed. To obtain the certificate of one or more tenths shared by the same group, a fee of 0.99 euros must be paid by each bettor. This price will be valid as a promotion until this Friday (previously it was 1.50 euros per person).

The first step that the application requires is for a user to register and create a group of people who will share the lottery. To do so, you have to choose the option notary, indicate the number of participants and choose buy certificate. At this time, the application will ask to enter the data of a credit card to charge the amount necessary to generate it. Once the payment is made, you must access the section orders and then choose certificates.

After clicking on this option, the creator of the group will have to take a selfi and take a picture of the DNI. The platform checks its identity through the analysis of biometric data. Then, the user can already generate a sharable link by whatsapp, email or other messaging service and invite other bettors to join the group. The number of participants that can be added is unlimited. All players can download the app, access the section certificates, choose the document that is pending to complete and upload a selfi and a photo of the identity card.

The team of the 'start-up' that has developed the app.enlarge photo
The team of the 'start-up' that has developed the app.

The service allows any of the members of the group to share tenths with each other, explains Margarita Gómez, project manager. For this, the app requires scanning a physically purchased ticket. "You're not really taking a picture, you're analyzing a multitude of details to find out if it's authentic," says Gómez.

After processing and ascertaining the authenticity of the information collected, the app sends the certification request to a notary in Alicante. There a notary signs the document, which will be returned in digital version, as far as possible, on the same day. "For the Christmas Lottery you can get the certificate until the 21st night", says the head of the application. The document issued by the notary contains the list of all the bettors and the tenths that they have bought together. Tickets are considered shared equally. The service also works for shared tenths of the El Niño lottery.

A more orderly way to share tenths

Eleventh does not offer the possibility of collecting prizes. "This step will have to be met by other channels. But the legal proof that a certain tenth has been shared with certain people is guaranteed, "maintains Gómez. The person in charge of the project considers that this method is more comfortable than having to make photocopies of the tickets or send photos to all the participants, and it can be especially useful for those who want to play together but they are in different locations.

It is also effective to simplify things in the event that several bettors establish a pot to buy a certain number of tickets, according to Gómez. "If it's a big group, at the time of the draw somebody might not know who has the tenth or the number that has been played," says Gómez. "With the notarial certificate, this app offers a good way to have a list before the draw and to know in what number it is betting". suggests

Gomez says that to develop Eleventh was necessary to ask for help at the University of Alicante. "We had the idea, but we needed to materialize it with specialized personnel", explains Gómez. For that reason, he presented the project to the university, which facilitated the hiring of engineers. Thus, a team of six people was formed. The project manager ensures that the application is constantly updated, "so that each record, each download is better than the previous one".

The platform also allows you to buy tickets. However, to be able to use that function with an Android device it will be necessary to download the version available on the web, because Google Play does not allow in Spain to download apps that sell lottery. The application does not notify users if they have received any prize. On the Internet they are different pages and apps who report the results of the Christmas Lottery and other sweepstakes.


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