Christmas lottery sales up 2% in Las Palmas – La Provincia

Christmas lottery sales up 2% in Las Palmas - La Provincia

The sales of tenths for the Extraordinary Draw of the Christmas Lottery, which today are the children of San Ildefonso, have experienced this year an increase of 2% compared to those registered in 2017. This has been estimated by the delegation of the State Society of State Lotteries and Bets (Selae), after carrying out yesterday a preliminary balance of the transactions carried out in the different administrations of the province of Las Palmas until last weekend. "This figure is indicative, taking into account the number of tenths sold until last Sunday," said yesterday Juan Manuel Moragas, delegate of the Selae in Las Palmas.

Also, the consignment of this new edition of the draw in the Islands – popularly known as El Gordo – has been of 88,497,580 euros, which translates into an increase of 9.13% over the previous year, when the sum It reached 86,588,080 euros.

With regard to the average expenditure that has made each inhabitant, "it is estimated that it was 45 euros, but we can not know exactly until we carry out the official registration," said the delegate. "We must bear in mind that we are talking about a raffle in which tickets are usually shared with co-workers, friends and family, so that a same tenth can involve several people," said Moragas. Following this line, the investment would exceed that made in 2017, a period in which it was set at 42 euros.

Regarding the preferences of the terminations, the most requested were numbers 5, 7, 13, and 69. "It seems that people associate luck with those figures." So, it is said, people have great confidence in those numbers, "he said. Some terminations that have been harder to get at the last moment. "The Christmas lottery It was put on sale from the month of July, and the last week has been the strongest at the sales level. In fact, yesterday, it was the most active day of all and many people have not been able to get the exact number they were looking for, "said Moragas.

This is a statement that contrasted the massive queue that was formed yesterday in the administration of lotteries El Gordo de Triana, located on Constantine Street in the Gran Canaria capital, where dozens of people crowded waiting to be able to take a tenth for be able to participate in the most anticipated draw of the year. "On this occasion we have noticed an increase in sales, I do not know if it is related to the closure of a tobacconist that was in the area, but the increase has been perceived," said Ethel Mara Van Oudenhove, owner of the capital's administration.

As for the numbers most claimed, Van Oudenhove said that they vary depending on the years. "As we are in 2018, for example, the number 18 has been very popular this time, while others such as 13 and 69 continue to be maintained," the owner of the business added.

El Gordo de Triana has distributed two prizes of third and fifth category over the past three years. "Last year we sold the fifth prize, while the third was in 2015. For us it turned out to be a great joy, because what we care about is contributing with the illusion that people have this day," the professional argued.

Among the crowd that was at the doors of the premises was Yolanda Garcia, who always shares a tenth with one of her best friends who lives in the Peninsula. "This tradition I have been doing for five years, I do not usually play other raffles, but Christmas is very exciting," he confessed.

In the window of the administration was José Manuel Hernández, who took ten different tenths to try his luck on this day. "I do not share the numbers with anyone, as this is once a year I try to buy as much as I can, to see if I have more luck and I earn good money," said Hernández.

From 8.00 am onwards, the Royal Theater of Madrid will light up to give free rein to the distribution of luck between the different autonomous communities. A draw that, by the way, comes with changes at the tax level. After four years of tax declaration fixed at 20% – from a monetary sum of 2,500 euros obtained through gambling – during the current year came into force a proposal to modify the State's general budgets for these bets, which established in 10,000 the limit exempt from declaration to the Treasury


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