July 8, 2020

Christmas Lottery: Four out of 10 Spaniards would use Gordo to pay their debts | My Finance section

No purchases, no big investments. 41.5% of Spaniards would dedicate the Gordo money to pay their debts and around 19% would use it to establish or integrate a savings cushion. This is the main conclusion of the iAhorro bank comparator survey on Christmas lottery.

By autonomous communities, Murcia are the ones who would choose most debt extinction as the main option, with 43.6%. On the opposite side, only 36.6% of Andalusians would choose this possibility, although it is in this autonomous community where it grows the most this year compared to 2018, with 4.19 percentage points more.

The second most chosen destination for Gordo is buying a home. In this case, Aragón stands out, where 24.8% of the more than 2,000 representative respondents of the Spanish population opt for this option. The least interested in this are the Basques (19.5%).

Feed a savings bag It is a possibility that this year gains ground. Although it remains the third choice, assuming 19.2% (almost three points more than last year), this option reduces the distance with the purchase of a home from 6.1 points in 2018 to the current 2.8 points. The most savers are Navarrese (26.1%) and Basques (23.7%).

“If we take into account the low or no remuneration of classic savings, the rise in this option is explained by the increase in perceived economic uncertainty”, Explains finance expert Antonio Gallardo. "It is somewhat consistent with the intention of paying the debt, which, although slightly, increases this year by half a percentage point and remains the most chosen option."


The answers to the question about how they would manage the prize money, the proportions of study participants who choose each option are almost identical to those of last year: 39.2% say they would trust the bank, 26.8% I'd rather manage it personally, 23.5% would look for a financial advisor and 10.5% would ask for help from family and friends.

In Gallardo's words, “these data are not explained only by the bad image that banks may have at this time, but also for an increase in the financial independence of users ”.

Accounts and deposits

And if I wanted to invest Gordo's money, what product would I do it in? "Despite the drop in interest rates and that most of these products barely pay, accounts and deposits they are still the main choice of respondents, with 37.9%, although it is also the one that falls the most with respect to 2018 (1.1 percentage points), ”Gallardo emphasizes. "This decrease especially benefits investment funds and stocks, which rise one point and reach 24.1%, and very little to pension plans, which, with 14%, just increase two tenths of points," he adds .

The other financial products, among which are life savings insurance or PIAS, rise seven tenths of a percentage point, up to 6.9%. Housing as an investment (for example, to rent it later) falls moderately, “in line with the biggest real estate break in recent months”, According to Gallardo, and records 17.5%.

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