August 5, 2021

Christmas Lottery 2020 | The Christmas Lottery leaves 2 million in the Canary Islands

A total of 1,944,000 euros has left the Christmas lottery in the Canary Islands in six great prizes, including the Gordo, and of that total figure slightly more than half, 1,092,000 euros, have been distributed in the Chasnera de Granadilla gas station, where they have touched four awards.

In the islands three tenths of the jackpot have fallen (1,200,000 euros, at a rate of 400,000 each), 12 tenths of a fourth prize (240,000 euros) and 84 tenths of four fifth prizes (504,000 euros).

Tenerife It has been the most graceful island with 1,350,000, Lanzarote sum 406,000 euros, while in Gran Canaria they keep 152,000 euros. Fuerteventura is satisfied with 30,000 euros, corresponding to five tenths already La Palma only one last tenth of the last fifth prize to come out, 6,000 euros.

Of El Gordo, 72,897, two tenths were sold in Granadilla and one tenth in Haría, Lanzarote, a total of 1,200,000 euros.

In the islands they also expended twelve tenths of a fourth prize at a rate of 20,000 euros each, 75,981.

Eight of those tenths were sold in the Granadilla gas station, two tenths in Arico, another in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and another in Porís de Abona, in Tenerife.

The first fifth prizes of this 2020 Christmas raffle They got up early in the Canary Islands and two of them had already left part of their cargo on the islands when half an hour had not yet passed.

At 08.18 hours he left 86,986, which was sold in places like Granadilla (at the gas station, of course), Pajara, The Gran Canarian palms, Teror, The lagoon, Arico, The Realejos and Cross port.

Santa María de Guía, the most graceful town with ten tenths

Total this early bird award left 234,000 euros on the islands, 6,000 euros for each tenth, and 120,000 of them in Passion fruit, 24,000 in Pajara, 12,000 in Saint Cross -in the Tenerife municipality of Los Realejos-, 12,000 in Guamasa – in La Laguna – and in the rest of the administrations loose tenths, at 6,000 euros each.

At 08.21 hours the second fifth prize came out, 37.023, which sold a series in Arona, that is, 60,000 euros in prizes.

More than an hour later, at 09:42, another fifth, 19,371 repeated administrations in the Canary Islands, and a tenth fell in Cruz Santa, Los Realejos, and another in the Granadilla gas station, 12,000 euros in total.

At the last minute, with the draw about to end, the last of the fifth prizes appeared, which watered the islands with 33 tenths, 198,000 euros widely distributed, with Santa Maria de Guía, in Gran Canaria, as most graceful town, with ten tenths.

This last award visited again two already graceful administrations, that of the Granadilla gas station, of course, where five of the six awards that have smiled on the islands have fallen, and that of Cruz Santa, in Los Realejos, which has taken three fifths.

By islands, La Gomera and El Hierro They have had no luck and Tenerife has been the most graceful island, totaling 1,350,000: El Gordo has left 800,000 euros (two tenths), a fourth prize another 220,000 (eleven tenths) and four fifth prizes 330,000 euros (55 tenths).

Lanzarote It adds up to 406,000 euros, one of the tenths of the fat and one tenth of a fifth, while in Gran Canaria they are left with 152,000 euros (one tenth of a fourth prize and 22 tenths of two fifths.

Fuerteventura it is satisfied with 30,000 euros, corresponding to five tenths of two fifth prizes, and to La Palma only one last tenth of the last fifth prize to come out, 6,000 euros.


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