October 21, 2020

Christmas Lottery 2019 | The apology of the TVE reporter who said she had won the Gordo: “It is sad that today is the manipulative and liar journalist” – La Provincia

On the morning of December 22, practically all of Spain was aware of the songs of the children of the school of San Ildefonso to know if the number (or numbers) they had in their hands had been graced in the Christmas Lottery draw. The 26590 It came on stage this Sunday very soon, at 9.19 hours – in fact it is the second earliest since, at least, 2004 – and it came mostly to Salou (Tarragona) and to several locations in Alicante how Alcoy, Moraira Y San Vicente del Raspeig.

This digit He made the day and life of many Spaniards happy They had this number among their tenths. But if there is someone who has monopolized all eyes for his joy, that has been the Spanish Television reporter Natalia Escudero, who has stated during her live in the program “The morning” that she was one of the lucky ones with 26590.

I’m not going to work tomorrow. I’m not going tomorrow“the reporter told the show’s host, María Casado, smiles when they have connected with her. The coverage of Escudero has become a summary of her celebration with the rest of the friends and neighbors who have also been graced with the Fat Christmas Lottery.

However, minutes later, the reporter has clarified in “The Morning” that has not touched the Fat, although a “good pinch” of another number. “El Gordo, Gordo, hasn’t touched me. But a pinch has touched me […] And the lottery to meet all these people. ”

In fact, yesterday afternoon, the journalist herself wanted to explain this situation in her official Twitter account. ” Hello everyone, serve this tweet to first apologize to any viewer who today has felt cheated by a servant, by stating live that I had touched the Fat Christmas in the program LA MORNING. It is true that emotion has invaded me and now I explain“began the first tweet that came out after the” controversy “that had emerged in the social network of the bird for its coverage of the Fat in the program” The Morning “.” The last months are being difficult for me for personal reasons, and for the first time the goddess fortune had smiled at me with a pinch. I have been infected by the joy of the rest of the graces, but I have not lied or manipulated“He continued.” In my 25 years of career as a journalist I have always been with a very high head and a clear conscience for my rigorous and proven work. It’s sad that Natalia Escudero is today the manipulative and liar journalist of rtve“.” I respect all the professionals who kill by audience, steal testimonies, fiction news, but Natalia Escudero has never lent to it. And it is clear that I will never do it. Before it is people and their pain that the audience“.” So again I apologize for this confusion today broadcast and clarified live on the LA MORNING program … and I maintain that tomorrow I will not work, first because I am going to celebrate that appetizing pinch and I am going on vacation“the reporter finished.


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