Christmas Lottery 2019 | A seer predicts that El Gordo is a number sold in the Canary Islands – La Provincia

What number will you play in Christmas Fat 2019? That is the question for which everyone dreams of having an answer before the Draw of the Christmas Lottery 2019, although nobody seems to have the solution. A Dominican visionary settled in Galicia, for decades has recently jumped into the arena after Reveal what number you will play in the Christmas Lottery 2019. His name is Elsa Altagracia and, according to her, two years ago he already had a second prize in the Christmas Sweepstakes after dreaming of the graceful number.

The visionary Elsa Altagracia the report of 'In the spotlight' in Cuatro

In 2017, the visionary bought two tenths of the number that had appeared to her in dreams for the Fat Christmas and, although she did not get the first prize, she stayed close. The woman he wore the second prize of the Christmas Draw and it was done with a good pinch. That, in addition, launched her to fame and, since then, she is well known in Galician lands.

Now, Elsa Altagracia says she knows the number she will play in the Christmas Draw 2019. In a report on 'In the spotlight', a Four programHerminio Carballeda, lottery of the only administration of Xinxo de Limio, town of the seer, affirms that they have not stopped receiving awards since the seer had the second prize and points out that it is a "talisman" for the people.

Of being the 86098, has been sold in administrations of the municipality of El Sauzal, among other locations in the rest of Spain.

Where to find the 2019 Fat Christmas number

If you want to know in all locations where to find the 86098, Here you can search for tenths for the Christmas Draw 2019 And, if you're lucky and it's not sold out yet, buy it. Starting next Sunday, December 22, you can also check your tenths of the Fat Christmas 2019, in addition to discovering everything you need to know about the Christmas Lottery 2019. If you don't want to miss anything about the Christmas Sweepstakes, We recommend that you follow us on our Telegram account to receive the news in real time.


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