Christmas lottery 2018: you can check the décimos live – La Provincia

Christmas lottery 2018: you can check the décimos live - La Provincia

This Saturday, December 22, Royal Theater of Madrid It has opened its doors at around 08:30 hours on the occasion of one of the most anticipated events of the year in Spain. The Extraordinary Christmas Raffle is celebrated again to brighten up the Christmas holidays to all those who happen to be among the lucky ones with the Christmas lottery.

The draw will last for hours, in which the children of San Ildefonso are singing little by little 2018 Christmas Lottery prizes. A total of 2,380 million euros that are divided into several prizes, among which the 'Gordo' stands out, which is equivalent to 400,000 euros per tenth. The drums will elucidate which balls end up being the winners, and, consequently, which numbers are the winners in this year's draw.

However, if you are one of those who can not wait for the event to end, you should know that you can continue through the live of our special everything that happens in the lottery draw. In addition, you can instantly discover if your numbers are among the winners in the 2018 Christmas Lottery.

Remember that this year Lotteries and State Betting returns to play a high amount of millions of euros divided into different prizes. The most desired one again is the 'Gordo' that supposes a total of 680 million of the whole. Of these, four million will go to the series and 400,000 to each tenth.

As for the rest, the second prize is equivalent to 1,250,000 million euros per series (125,000 euros per tenth), the third to 500,000 euros per series (50,000 euros per tenth), the two fourth prizes are 200,000 euros per series ( 20,000 euros to the tenth) and there are eight fifth prizes of 60,000 euros per series each (6,000 euros per tenth).


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