Christmas lottery 2018: what number will be in the draw? – The province

Christmas lottery 2018: what number will be in the draw? - The province

The celebration of Extraordinary Christmas Raffle is getting closer. There are hours left so that this Saturday, December 22, we finally discover what is the number that this year will take the 'Gordo'. It will serve to open two weeks of parties, lunches and dinners that are tradition at Christmas. However, before sinking the tooth with nougat, many people in this country will be aware of what happens in the event of the Christmas Lottery 2018.

Not in vain, the days and months prior to the Christmas raffle, the searches related to the 'Gordo' multiply in Google. This is because players do not hesitate to check the statistics left by the history of the event in order to get the number that has more options to be graceful. In addition, some do not hesitate to ask directly: "What number will appear in the Christmas Lottery draw?"

Obviously, this question is impossible to find a sure answer, but it can be used to discard some numbers that have not had much fortune in the more than 200 years of the draw. Also, they have the possibility of acquiring those numbers that have been present on more than one occasion in the Christmas Lottery.

The so-called 'ugly numbers'they have the fewest requests, while those that consider themselves' beautiful' accumulate many more requests. In the first case, is the 13, always associated with bad luck, although the least superstitious yes usually rely on this termination, which was part of the number of the 'Fat' of 2016.

Conversely, the tenths finished in 5 they enter the lists of preferences, since it is the most repeated figure in the history of the 'Gordo'. On 32 occasions it has been the completion of the first prize of the draw of lottery. Next to him, and tied with 27 times, appear the 4 and 6 as those who accumulate more appearances in the Christmas Lottery.

On the other hand, there are several endings that do not seem to attract so much luck and could be considered as gafes. The 1 is the ending that has been the least number of the last number of the 'Gordo', with eight editions under his belt. In turn, the 2, which has been the refund on thirteen occasions; and 9, which has been in 16, do not present very positive feelings for the Extraordinary Christmas Draw.


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